Accessibility options to fine tune the audio experience

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    I have a perception disorder, what that means in my case is that everything seems to be as loud as the loudest thing in the room. If I'm in a big room where people are talking on one end and loud music is playing on the other, the people whispering is heard as unintelligible murmuring at the same volume as the loud music. It makes it hard for me to be in crowded public places and can result in some extreme stress, migraines, and occasionally physical nausea and pain.

    I play on PC, and when I have the option, have most music, separate sound effects (if given as a choice), and ambient sounds muted in games. It makes it so I can play comfortably without my disorder interfering with my ability to play.

    One thing I've learned playing with my friends is that the music slider and sound effects slider are important to not be muted. I have noticed that my friends seem to know when we are being attacked by a Kraken, Megalodon, Skeleton ship etc. sooner than I do and the reason for this is because the indication for most of these fights starting is based on change of music.

    Meanwhile the sound effects slider is everything from waves crashing against the ship to cannon fire from an island we are passing. If I have the sound too loud, cannon fire and gunshots makes my head buzz and migraines to occur. If I have it too low, I can't hear that I've missed a hole while repairing and I'm slowly filling up with water, or that my helm has reached center point while I'm visually tracking the way I have to go.

    What I would like to see implemented, if at all possible, are different audio sliders for different musics and sound effects.
    I would appreciate the SoT team looking into this for players like me and other who encounter the same kinds of issues in our lives.

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    Maybe add a visible hint as an option as well, besides the sound effect.