Room for improvement

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    This is a really good game. Simple, looks gorgeous, original and fun.

    However, it just feels like it needs a second part. It feels fine for a first instalment, but there are so many things you can work in, I don't think you can do it by simply releasing updates or DLCs:

    • Definitely, it needs more interactions with other players, or at least, the option of having it. There's no way to gather a big crew all toghether, but there are options to sail without seeing any other pirate in hours, that's for sure.
    • Gathering different crews is just impossible. I know you are looking at that, but still, there's some need of having a freely chosen servers system.
    • Those interactions could be way more complex (trading, dueling, creating large groups while in game...).
    • In-game dynamics could depend much more on other players. E.g. reputation system, factions, guilds...
    • Different guns, boats, boat perks, armor.
    • Different kinds of NPC's and different kinds of quests, or simply the possibility of exploring and also getting profits from that.
    • A realistic big map, not only formed by isles, but rather having some true peninsulas or small continental lands.
    • The possibility of practicing true trade (buying and selling different products whose prizes vary in the market), of taking part on brigades to stop pirates....
    • Consequently, the possibility of being a propper pirate, i.e., stealing stuff from traders, running away from brigadiers and so on.

    I think those suggestions are basic stuff, but I could imagine also some examples of other extremely demanding requests, like the possibility of building or editing boats, having a modest crafting possibility (refuges, boat parts...), or a simple abilities system.

    Don't get me wrong, the game is great as it is, and this suggestions are not "salty requests". I'm just saying that a second part of Sea of Thieves introducing changes like those I mentioned above in a near future would be simply great