Pretty big timeline issue with the lore in Tall Tales?

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    In watching the IGN gameplay video for Tall Tales with footage released by Rare, you will see some pirates discover a ship’s log for The Magpie’s Wing. According to the novel, this was a ship captained by none other than the Pirate Lord himself, Ramsey Singh.

    There is an entry that reads:

    Ship attacking us! The Burning Blade. We are fleeing East. They are turning to pursue.

    Earlier in the video you see a journal with a drawing of The Burning Blade with her “infernal cannons” and showing Flameheart’s symbol on the sail.

    This creates a timeline issue. You see, Flameheart did not exist during Ramsey Singh’s lifetime. If you’ve read the novel, then you know that the Pirate Lord died before the presence of the Ferry of the Damned in the Sea If Thieves. And, according to the Tales from the Sea of Thieves, the pirate who would later become Flameheart describes the Ferry of the Damned in his writings. So, the Ferry was there when this pirate transformed into Flameheart. The Magpie’s Wing couldn’t have had a run in with The Burning Blade...

    ... unless Ant-man came back and used the Quantum Realm to help Flameheart get back to the time of the Pirate Lord #TimeTravelConfirmed.

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    Hmm, this is quite interesting. Is it possible The Burning Blade had a different captain before Flameheart? I hope the update clears this up.

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    I thought perhaps it was the original captain Flameheart, the father of the Captain Flameheart from Tales from the Sea of Thieves. But not having read the novel yet, it does seem out of order.

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    @archangel-timmy yeah this is it I think, there were 2 Flamehearts (Senior and Junior)! And the Ship from Junior is called the Silver Blade and not Burning Blade! So the Captain of the Burning Blade must be Flameheart Senior!

    Joe Neate already said they want to fit the Lore 100% in and outside the Game without unlogical things etc Look at Star Wars that’s an Lore Mess AF now! Or the Marvel/DC Universe!

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    @archangel-timmy @KING-DEKA

    You’re right. I went back and looked at Tales and he took up his father’s mantle. But, Wanda talks about The Burning Blade in her journals. That’s the ship that had the cannon stolen from the Ferry of the Damned.

    Now, I believe that the Cap’n from Tales may be Flameheart Sr. But he was abandoned by the man who raised Jr. Meaning, he had no ship.

    So, there’s a lot to unpack here. Are the “infernal cannons” the same ones that are on the Ferry? Is the Ferry the original The Burning Blade? And Flameheart Jr. built a second ship stealing a cannon from the Ferry?


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    @entspeak there ferryman could be flameheart sr..

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    @king-deka said in Pretty big timeline issue with the lore in Tall Tales?:

    Look at Star Wars that’s an Lore Mess AF now!

    Maybe it would help if they made games thAt WERE SET SOMETIME OTHER THAN BETWEEN THE MOVIES!!!



    Sorry, I'm just.....

    In between episodes 3 and 4? Again? Really, Respawn?

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