Rule Britannia - The British Royal Navy

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    Greetings all! You may have seen me on the forums before, but the notifications for the SoT forums refused to work. I got it to work now, God bless. Anyways, I am Lord Admiral von Steinsonne of the British Royal Navy. We have a discord which I will send to you after a message expressing want to be included in is given. Among what we have is an economy system in-house, a crew system where men are divided into 15-20 member crews who sail with each other, as well as a convoy system where two ships (usually 2 galléons or a galléon and 1 brigantine) are on the same server. Just message me which ship strikes an interest in you and I will list their specialty!

    Monarch’s 2nd Flotilla:

    • HMS Monarch -
    Duke, Admiral Cole - Arena and PvP

    • HMS Unicorn -
    Senior Captain Sumptiner - Fortresses

    • HMS Explosion -
    Senior Captain Voyager - General

    3rd Centurions Flotilla:

    • HMS Victory -
    Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson - PvP and Fortresses

    • HMS Executioner -
    Sir Commodore Zore - Arena and PvP

    • HMS Phantom -
    Master-and-Commander UnKn0wnn - All PvP and Combat (Especially Arena)

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    This post is deleted!
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    Ahoy Admiral! I'd very much like to enlist in your Navy. I haven't been sailing for long and haven't quite got my sea legs yet, but I'm a quick learner and a good lookout!

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    I'll take the Kings shilling! Sign me up.
    I enjoy all aspects of the game, unsure which ship is best ship.

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    Me and my friend would like to enlist

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    This post is deleted!
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    @lord-steinsonne I would be interested in signing up. I already use discord regularly. Can you send me an invite link?

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    good day Lord Admiral von Steinsonne,

    Where do I sign up my lord?