Audio Crackling Woes!

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    Former 'day one' player here. I initially got the game with a free two week trial of the game pass thingmebob but decided to 'walk the plank' and finally grab the game after seeing all the new content that's been added over the last year.

    Game was already updated... (err, thanks... windows store???) so I loaded up and everything seemed fine.

    Got to the splash screens, had the famililar music playing in the background of the bar while it connected to servers. This is where it all goes wrong.

    The very moment it switches to 'zoom in' if you will to my character screen the audio completely cuts out and just turns to almost a static sound. Constant crackling. Entering the game itself doesn't solve the issue. I tested hitting my sword against some objects and could hear a change in pitch of the indiscernable crackling, so 'audio' is playing but it's completely borked.

    Running a brand new Steelseries Arctis 5 RGB headset, audio is absolutely fine in everything else. Been playing The Division 2, DCS and War Thunder for a couple weeks with absolutely no issues.

    I had a tinker with the audio settings in game, nothing seemed to have an affect.

    After finally getting the game 'proper' I would be grateful if someone could give me a hand (or a hook) here. Really eager to jump back into the open seas.

    System spec:
    Intel i7 5820k
    16Gb Corsair Vengence DDR4 (2400Mhz)
    Nvidia GTX970 4Gb
    Win 10 Pro

    Cheers o7.

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    Ahoy there, not come across this one before, you might be best served raising a ticket with Support or having a look around the Support site itself..

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    @katttruewalker Yeah, I ran out of things I thought I could do my end so just uninstalled the client completely in the hope a fresh install might fix it.

    If not, it'll be a support ticket job I think.

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    So I just did a fresh install, the sound worked fine when it switched to the intro (where it would normally go weird).

    However, at the same time a pop up appeared "Allow SoT access to your microphone?". I thought "obviously yes" for the social necessity of it and the moment I gave access the sound went bad again.

    So it's linked in some way to my microphone? Haven't a clue how to fix it though. All I can do atm is disable access to the microphone on my headset to fix the issue... but then can't talk to people.

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    I've also just recently been having this issue. Audio has been working fine since I started playing. It's a recent thing. The crackling is across the whole PC and only starts when DrunkenJedi66 explained..when you initially hit a button to go into the game and it zooms in.

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    @risky-the-kid can also confirm that turning off mic permissions for SoT fixes the noise...but then you can't talk to other players

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    So, I know this is an old post, but I've found out a solution to this issue (for me at least.)

    In windows settings, I needed to go into game mode settings and then click on Graphics Settings (in related settings on the right)

    In there I needed to turn OFF hardware-accelerated GPU sheduling.

    Just thought I'd mention this here as I came across this post as I was trying to solve this problem.

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