Need Advice on how to deal with "those" players

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    I have been trying to random with people when my usual crew aren't around and I have to say that the matchmaking seems to pair me a LOT with "those" kinds of players. You know the ones I mean...they drop anchor while you're in the middle of nowhere. They angle the sails constantly front-facing regardless of wind direction. They fire themselves out of cannons into the middle of the sea. They bail water back into the ship. I seem to be running into these players quite frequently when not pairing with my friends.

    I want to believe its either a very young player or possibly just someone messing around. Maybe even a bot-AFK player that has bad AI?

    Normally I would just exit and re-try another random but it seems to be getting harder and harder to random into crew that actually want to play the game vs. just being unhelpful and without course. Does anyone have any methods or tactics they employ to try and address these guys without simply abandoning the crew?

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    Try joining a looking for group. Or starting a looking for group

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    @ajm123 said in Need Advice on how to deal with "those" players:

    Try joining a looking for group. Or starting a looking for group

    this. try xbox LFG. i usually get half decent players

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    I agree. I've been playing Random Crews since launch and it is getting harder and harder to find a good Random Crew. I don't know why?

    One tip I have been doing recently is to join "Brigantines" instead of Galleons. The reason being that if you get even just 1 other "positive" player in your crew the two have the majority and can "Brig" (or threaten to Brig) any of "those players" who pop in to your game. So your game is far less likely to be ruined by one of "those" than it would be on a Galleon or Sloop.

    The chance of finding 1 other "positive" player on a Random Brigantine seems to occur far more often than finding 2 others on a Random Galleon. At least, in my experience. Galleons seem to always have 1 AFK-er these days so getting a majority vote on anything is tough.

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    Discord groups have been doing the trick for me when regular crew is away, I have found different ones advertised on the forums over time and it's a great way to organize and getting to know people that you may end up replaying with. Also helps with the group chat issues since they usually have "rooms" already set up so it makes forming crews quick and easy.