Quality of Life Improvements for Skeleton Ships

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    Ahoy Mates!
    Today, I've got a few quick QoL Improvement Suggestions for Skeleton Ships!

    • 1# Skeleton Sloop Ambusher
      You know those Skeleton Ships that pop up besides your ship and attack you?
      Well, they're always Galleons.

    This can be problematic for unprepared/inexperienced solo sloops.
    My suggestion to help this issue is:
    Make Skeleton Sloops spawn on player Sloops, instead of Skeleton Galleons.
    alt text

    • 2# Ammo Box on Skeleton Ships
      I believe Skeleton Ships should have an Ammo Chest on board them.

    Probably on the middle level of the Galleon somewhere.

    • 3# Rowboats Attached to Skeleton Ships
      I think we should be able to attach our Rowboats to the back of Skeleton Ships.

    I believe it would add an extra level of strategy to Skeleton Ships Battles.

    Anyways mates, what do you think of these QoL Improvements for Skeleton Ships?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

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    Gimme a Skeleton Rowboat with a MegaKeg! 💥

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    @skulliah I'm already working on a new thread about Skeleton Rowboats!

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    Biggest QoL is teach them how to sail.
    Second beiggest QoL is stop giving them CCB's.

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    Aye, I've noticed that the Skeleton Ships often get stuck on rocks in the Wilds.

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    id love it if they simply made skelly ships follow the same laws of physics that we must abide by.

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    I also think there should be passive skelly sloops(ones that just sail around for who knows why).

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    Always thought it would be cool that if you sailed to close to the cursed ships for to long a skeleton would climb your ladder and run around your ship attacking anything that lives.

    Would add to the chaos of battle. As far as a sloop attacking a sloop sure give it a random chance when the encounter is spawned.

    I’m also in the crowd of not making the game easier. With practice and time put in you’ll gain the skills necessary to out sail and put yourself into fire opportunities with your cannons while staying out of sight of theirs.

    Sure a newer player getting loot and losing it to a skeleton ship can be frustrating what could you have done better?

    More often than not when I join an open crew no one is grabbing supplies. They just put on blinders and press the jump key hundreds of times down the dock to the ship, raise anchor drop sails and shoot off without putting a voyage down.

    I feel these are the same players who after hours of doing the 1 x map for one chest they got from a parchment come here and say make the game easier “cuz i lost my loot”.

    Biggest tip I can give players is look for a rowboat first before doing any looting. More often then not your knocked off your ship by cannon fire and swim towards your sinking ship. The rowboat is a second life for solos.

    I’d say for me the only change would be the frequency of Cc’s. Even on a fully stocked galleon with a good crew. 1 hit by the right Cc it seems like it gives the skeleton galleon an adrenaline shot and they fire all the cannons with a Cc every other cannon.

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    @blazedrake100 said in Quality of Life Improvements for Skeleton Ships:

    I also think there should be passive skelly sloops(ones that just sail around for who knows why).

    I know I'd be down for that!