Pirate legends

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    There should be a different section for only pirate legends so they can give each other tips and tricks and maybe join up and go on an athenas! XD

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    @ignite-star i think this is a very good idea

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    i fear that it doesn't work that way ...If Rare had the idea that Legends are something as an Elite force , wich they aren't ,then Rare would not allow that Non Legends can follow a fellow Crewmate ,who is Legend , into the Legendary Hideout...Being a Pirate isn't being an exclusionist , we will Sail Together , Remember ...If you still want a crew that consists solely out of Legends , then you can make a post here or make a Looking For Group Call at Xbox , but i would never believe that Rare would make Legend Only sections on their Forum...

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    @ashbert157 Everyone would be able to play with more people and expand their sea of thieves knowledge

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    I dont like this idea, sorry feels elitist to me.

    Edit: We shall sail together!

    @Clumsy-George already said, eh
    sung it :-)

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    Well, Sir , without being disrespectful but if someone becomes a Legend , does he /she really need tips and tricks ?, most Legends have spend ages on the Sea in order to become Legend and they almost know every crack and cranny out of their head....On the contrary , i'm totally for a Tips And Tricks section written by seasoned Pirates or Legends in order to teach New Pirates ...i mean if a New Pirate , today , jumps in the Sea , then he or she becomes quite easely overwhelmed , not only by the game's Beauty but also because New Pirates sometimes tackle the game alone wich is even hard for Seasoned Pirates or Legends ....It is up to us to guide and welcome the New Pirate and help where we can ...After all, the chance that a New Pirate quits the same day is a lot bigger then when we started at the release , the Sea didn't had as much perils as what is offered today...

    i look now completely to myself ( * Oooh , what a shock hey , you're so ugly , old man), but i've been trying a few Multiplayer RPG's lately and in the past and i always bail out after a few evenings , simply because the game nor it's players are willing to offer a bit help and guidance...Result , one player less , maybe not so bad , but if 1000 New Players feel the same ...Then you understand what i'm trying to say?...

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    Article 6 Respect New Pirates and Their Voyage Ahead
    May the old legends help to forge new ones: treat new pirates with respect and share your knowledge.

    Pirate Code - not just Guidelines