I need close combat tips

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    I'm just tired to be defeated in all my combat. I have the game since launch, but I think I only won a fight less than 10 times. :(

    I mostly use my sword + a weapon. Sometime I take the blunderbust to protect the ship, but it doesn't seem to work with me. One hit… Two hit… Even three and the enemy still alive and kill me with his sword.

    Talking about sword, I don't know if it's because the netcode in the game s*f**k, but I'm trying to block, but the enemy still hit me from the side even if I see him in my screen. I don't know how people are attacking so fast and moving so fast at the same time… Personally, if I don't hit something, I need to wait 2 seconds before attacking again. If I use a charged attack, I need to wait 3 seconds before attacking again. If I block, I need to wait 1-2 seconds before attacking.
    If I'm hit without blocking, I'm stun and can't attack immediately.
    But it doesn't seem to be the case for the enemies I encounter. I hit them, but they continue fighting at the same time… Which make me stunned…

    Thank you for your tips.

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    Well you kind of have already learned a little bit by the sounds of it, IMO it's the most important thing to learn and that is your resting times for attacks. As of right now when you miss a swing with your sword there is a penalty delay that keeps you from using your sword but still able to run around. Same with switching weapons, lunge has always been the same etc. Learn these times and understand them when you get into close quarters fights. You will know when to use a weapon ex. Someone fights you and puts up a block, quickly pull out your pistol shoot and then switch back to sword while moving in the enemies direction and finish them off with a sword combo.

    This also works the other way around. When you get hit by a sword you'll have a brief moment of being in shock, in that case hit your block button and furiously tap that jump button lol (this is my strategy and it works 90 percent of the time). Learn these times and you'll be able to formulate a style of fighting that you enjoy. I rock the pistol and sword. Mid range for pistol and close for sword. Another tip I can give you is when fighting with sword try to keep moving and jumping while still getting some hits in. This will ensure that you don't get stuck in a sword combo.

    Gun reloads are important, you want to time it right, usually while on the run or when dodging. Pistol does a good chunk of damage and paired with 3 swings of a sword will kill the player. This leads into taking damage and that means bananas. In the middle of battle if you even have a split second, eat a banana. The more health you have means the longer you can stay in battle and perhaps get the upper hand. I like to eat them when I'm running or swimming. Ex - the other night me and my crew were at a skullfort, sloop foolishly rolls up. I board (by myself) and killed one, hopped off the side of the sloop and in that moment ate a banana. The moment after I ate the banana I was shot by the remaining player but thanks to the banana I managed to stay alive, board the sloop a second before the remaining player did and then successfully eliminated the player. Bananas are important.

    Last thing I can say is, learn your lunge and jump lunge. Learn how to board, learn how to tuck and hide. These are all a little.more advanced but IMO if you start with the basics that I have talked about in this post then I have a good feeling you'll become pretty decent at PvP and fall into your own style of fighting! Good look to you matey!!

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    Try to give space and patience when fighting, also, try to abuse anytime you can munch on a banana.

    For sword combat, I like to engage with Block+HopForward+Swing to ensure that I will reach someone. I often like to block+Hop. Block+hop then jump then Block+hop into infinity can be a good thing to practice.

    Try to block when getting hit, by that I mean be patient. Dont swing back, fight in some other situation. Or, wait until last hit gets blocked and then swing back. If you are in an open area (Such as on deck of a ship), after knocking each other away with blocking, hop away and reload your gun or munch on a banana.

    Bind banana to something convenient.

    Depending on what Gun you have, use it for its purpose. A pistol is versatile, but demands aiming. EoR def demands aiming, so maybe use it to support a friend or pick off swimmers. Blunderbuss is ladder defence, try to aim down shots at foes who arent aware of you. Do hip fires with the blunderbuss when in sword range. This will do random ammounts of damage but it knocks the target back enough for you to either reload or sword hop back to assess what to do next.

    Once you have become patient enough, you will then need to start abusing other players impatience.

    Sword hopping back may lead to them swinging and missing, they can still hit something to continue their combo but this gives you time to munch on banana.

    Also know that jumping backwards is faster than running backwards.

    Whenever I see a pirate aiming down an EOR or pistol at me, I always sword+hopside. Most of the times they just shoot and miss.

    Be patient with reloading, the pistol is the fastest to reload and 2 shooting someone instead of switching is sometimes the better options. Especially in a funnel such as inside of a ship where you will most likely hit with a pistol/eor.

    You may have noticed I neglect sword lunging. Because I personally never need to use it, and find ways to dodge it.

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    I have the impression my game is just too slow comparing to others. In arena I hit someone two times with my blunderbust while two of my friends were attacking the guy with a sword, but he killed us all.

    It’s also really hard to block. I know the enemies are stun when you block them three times in a row, but the time you stop blocking, they already start attacking you which kill you again.