Need help with cutlass

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    Hello fellow sea-rats,
    Can somebody write the new way to play with cutlass(and tips) because since the patch i died always in sword vs sword battle because i don’t know how to play with it.

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    @mrdog3x It is broke..first hit wins 90% of time, all you do is spam swing your sword..takes 0 skill now to use a sword. Run around as fast as you can while spamming sword that is new sword play.

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    @nathanuserectus Run around? You mean try to dodge it not parry it?

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    I agree with @NathanusErectus. Whoever lands the first hit will win as long as they don't miss. And when I say "don't miss" I mean miss anything. Rock, opponent, post, wall, floor, snake ..... etc.

    Just get the first hit in and SPAM away while avoiding hitting "only air" and you've won. The only skill involved now is hitting first. It's just that easy. Especially below deck.

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    @mrdog3x I found that is it almost pointless to block because when people try to block me I just move closer to them and it goes through it..or jump and swing at their head and the block does not work..the new sword is just not balanced at all and is extremely easy to use..I am not joking when I say just run around and spam your will win 90% of time..this will be balanced in the future so watch for that. and from experience you are better off to try and jump around and move to dodge..dont try and use your parry because I found that out the hard way when they just move in close and swing through it..they took an ok parry system and made it 100% useless.