How to make money

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    Well here we go 1 please this mostly goes for gold hoarders dont do quest with only 1 island with 1 chest.
    2 stop at shipwrecks unless they have had a player ship nearby them they will have most likely taken the loot.

    3 dont sink every ship you see if you do this people wont have time to get loot so if you sinking people constantly stop let them build up loot first.
    4 if you see a fort do it if another ship is already there let them finish the fort then do an attack you wont have to as much work and get loot so you win

    Thnx for reading also hope this helped at all

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    @bigbootysmack20 good guide. like your tip on only sinking ships that have decent loot. Sometimes it takes WAY TO LONG to find a ship though. That part of the game irritates me