Bring back the Bottle Sniper Rifle!

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    I have one and still use it. One of the best cosmetics in the game. I'd hate to see it's sentimental value destroyed by reintroducing it. But I would like to see more cosmetics as cool as the Bottle Sniper Rifle introduced into the game.

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    I would very much appreciate this to return to the game, i have been playing since launch or there about but was not aware of the time limited content therefore it expired and i missed out.

    Also have always wanted to become a pioneer and with these new program changes i now have access to the test servers. Its great im finally here! But One thing i really wish came with it, is the Vanguard title and sails. Its annoying that the there are people that have them and complain about how lame and plain they look haha id happily take em off their hands!


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    @knifelife said in Bring back the Bottle Sniper Rifle!:

    Not the day one patch more launch crew eye of reach.
    I’m up for any other exclusive items being added but those two are a hundred percent no no for me.
    And my opinion will be the same for the anniversary items also.

    Same with founder's sails. They were for the alpha testers.

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    I don't care, it's a cosmetic item, if it comes back or not it's not relevant.

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    Yes you should bring it back but insted of 1 gold it would cost 20k for it

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    I don't mind there being a similar EoR, but there's only 1 Launch EoR.

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