En Garde! - A Rogue Legends Swordplay Event | PVP | Community Challenge (March 9) & Season 2 Tournament (March 16) |

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    Ahoy Pirates!

    I am pleased to officially announce that Rogue Legends En Garde season two is finally here!

    As you may or may not know En Garde is an elite 2v2 competition where the pirates skills with a cutlass are put to the ultimate test. A cunning sport for pirates, made by pirates! ICYMI Here is our Announcement Trailer

    On Saturday March 9th - Rogue Legends & The Pirate Council s bringing you a special Community Challenge. Members of the community can register their teams of 2 players to fight for a chance to play in our live broadcast Season 2 Tournament on March 16th. This second season of En Garde will put the fiercest Sea of Thieves fleet and union members against each other in a battle of skills, strategy, and wits!


    What is En Garde?
    En Garde has been updated for season two and with respect to Sea of Thieves' swordplay changes, we can’t wait to see how this event plays out. The event will take place inside the keep at Sailor's Knot Stronghold.

    What are the rules?
    The full list of gameplay, rules and penalties can be found here: http://bit.ly/EG2rules.
    Stay tuned for a special video to show you how it works!

    When does it happen?

    • The Community Challenge is scheduled for Saturday March 9th at 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm GMT.
    • The 2nd Season of En Garde is scheduled to happen on Saturday march 16th 3 PM Eastern, 7 pm GMT.

    Not sure what time that is for you? Please use: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

    Community Challenge Registration: Spaces are limited to 8 teams. Please register your team by leaving a message below, and registering on https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/lptxzdTVxY before Friday March 8th, at 8 pm Eastern. We will require your Team/Organization Name, logo, and team Kit. Please note that we adhere to TPC mandates in regards to player admission.

    Where can I see this!?!

    You will be able to see both the Community Challenge, as well as the season 2 Tournament broadcast on the Pirate Council stream pages.

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/ThePirateCouncilOfficialHub
    Twitch: - https://www.twitch.tv/thepiratecouncil
    Mixer: - https://mixer.com/pirate_council

    Rogue Legends is so excited to announce the return of our official shoutcaster, @ELLISisBEAST , who will be joined by guest caster, @Votoville aka GhostTownHero!

    What teams are playing in the Final Tournament?
    Eight teams of ruthless pirates have stepped forward to duel; however, we are still looking for a few more teams to step up and show us what they’ve got!, in a preliminary event to fight for spot number eight!

    Here's a list of the participants in the 2nd En Garde Season:

    • Rogue Legends' Blackguard
    • Fortune's Golden
    • The Iron Fleet's Iron Reavers
    • The Blue Devils
    • Fleet of Thieves
    • I.D.I.O.T.S
    • Kingdom of Eoland
    • Community Challenger - Winner to be announced

    How can I show my support?
    Tune into the official streams and let your favorite team know you are cheering them on!


    What is the Pirate Council?

    Founded in July of 2018, The Pirate Council started with long standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since it's inception TPC has grown to form an larger coalition of several organizations within the Sea of Thieves Community. We all share a common passion for the game.

    The Pirate Council (TPC) presents a united front providing events, knowledge and assistance to the Sea of Thieves community. With people from around the world bringing different perspectives, skills and insight, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our own community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community. General goals are to better the community through interaction with each other, and showcasing positive PvP/PvE events that we hold (like En Garde, Skull Ball, Grand Odyssey Etc) as well as our public outreach on Social Media and the Sea of Thieves Forum.

    Approved by TPC

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    En-Garde !

    Excited to participate again in this new version!

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    En-Garde !

    I'll be there :) watching...

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    @codename-jenova I can't wait for this 😁

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    @musicmee you mean lurking... right? lol

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    I wish everyone the best of luck :)

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    Can't wait to play again!

    Cutlass ready!

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    Get your cutlass's at the ready sign up today for a chance to take part in this amazing event!!!

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    WobbyThePirate has signed up on behalf of The Sanitarium Crew! We can't wait to participate!

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    @wobbythepirate looking forward to seeing you there!

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    Wowza... Only 4 spots left for the community qualifier on the 9th. Register soon to secure your spot!!

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    New cutlass changes are out! Better prepare yourselves! :)

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    Looking forward to this!

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    Just a few more days! The hype gally set sail on twitter: http://twitter.com/rogue_legends, and we're so excited for Saturday!!

    A minor change to gameplay. If a player experiences unusual graphic issues or severe lag, they and their teammate need to tell a referee and run up thier ramp. Staff can then assess the best way to deal with the problems.