Crooks Hollow small stone mouth needs to be worked on....

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    So i went to crooks hollow and had to find the small stone mouth and play music at it. after a while i figurd it was the small cave mouth of the island as there are many. so i ran around the cave mouth playing an instruemnt...then i walked....then i slowly stepped everywhere areound the mouth. nothing i gave up and went to google to find an answer for the riddle. turns out I was right about the location only this quest is notoriously bad about activating. so i ended up trying to activate it again.....for about an hour and a half this went on....after that long. my crew and i gave up....this isnt the first time ive gotten this riddle and it always ends the same. in failure. which is great from a hiding spot point of view, but terrible for gameplay. knowing the answer is a round piece for a round hole and still not getting it to work just feels bad...

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    Yeah they do need to fix it in all honesty I myself am about to give up on this first quest. The small mouth at the bay is a horrible spot to have any kind of quest since it won’t activate

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