Bit of an off-topic question, but I have nowhere else to post...

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    Hello Sea of Thieves community

    I am a recent beneficiary of the "Friends Play Free" event, and I received a code for my game for free. When I tried to log on today, however, I got an error message stating that my Microsoft account was not connected to the game, and despite signing in and out of the Microsoft store many times it was not fixed. Most previous forum posts and some YouTube videos suggested a reinstall of the game, which I did. Unfortunately, I am now unable to get the game from the Microsoft store, even with my previous code and I am being forced to buy the game, despite the fact that I had owned and played it before. If anybody could please help me, I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank You

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    @smiiws Ahoy matey!

    The Friends Play Free event is unfortunatley now over and so you will have to purchase the game or Xbox Game Pass to continue playing!

    I hope you enjoyed what you saw on your voyage!

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    @smiiws Hi.

    I just wanted to go into a little more detail, not that Musicmee was wrong about anything.

    If I understand your post correctly you did use one of those 'friends play free' codes to play the game. That campaign was intended to invite new players to the game for a limited time to let them test the game for themselves. But at it's core it was only a free for x amount of time thing, so you did not own the game. That is why you have to buy it now since the campaign ended on the 13th.

    Now I'm playing marketing person for a little bit. If you liked the game and want to continue playing there is a 35% discount from now until the 27th on the Microsoft store or, alternatively, you can play it with Game Pass.


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    Just to add to @Shurthugal, not that he was wrong either.. :P

    Xbox Game Pass is currently on offer at 2 months for £2 as well, which you could look at as an extended testing period for SoT if you like