Figurehead Question

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    Ahoy Mates!
    Today I've got a quick question for ya:

    Should the Ruffian Sea Dog, Grand Admiral and Imperial Sovereign sets get their own Figureheads?

    Let me know your answers in the comments mates!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

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    Ruffian Sea Dog and Scurvy Bilge Rat used to have their own figureheads, swords too I think, but they got taken out for being too similar, people didn't want to pay 70k for a colour swap, I want them back now though, I'm running out of stuff to buy and they'd be cheaper now

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    I want both the ones they removed and new ones. I wanted to buy the ruffian figurehead. Didnt have the money at the time before it got removed I bought to much oyher stuff lol.

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    When did they get removed? I'm sure I got both of them as I remember wanting the other colour. Had to save up.

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    @sgt-palooggoo Ayee they should, to be honest I’m really against how they trickle in sets of cosmetics, it bugs me.

    I just wish they would add a full set of items, be that locked behind an event commendation or not. I really don’t like how they will add a couple of a set one week and then add the rest a couple of months later behind another event, or they will add 3/4 to the shops and the rest as time limited ect..

    Just add a full set at once so we can the complete style or don’t add it at all imo.

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    I quite agree, take the Bone Crusher set for example.
    Right now the Cannons, Captans, Helm, Boots, belts, Hooks and Equipment are available to purchase, but the coat, hat, weapons and Ship liveries were all time limited.
    So we got this hodgepodge of a set right now in the shops.

    If ya ask me, that's an incomplete set.

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    @sgt-palooggoo I hope they bring them back

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    Yes I believe all 3 should have figure heads. The figure heads to me is the biggest distinguishing characteristic when going for the different faction colors to put on your boat. Just feels meh when there isn't one.

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    @mr-dragon-raaar Back in May if this is what people are talking about.

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    @sgt-palooggoo So it doesn't look like there is the imperial sovereign one. Unless there is one in the game still. I don't keep track of the names. Too many of the same thing.

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    @sgt-palooggoo Yes. I believe they were removed because they were simply color changes. More figurehead options = good figurehead options.

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    @xcalypt0x said in Figurehead Question:

    @sgt-palooggoo So it doesn't look like there is the imperial sovereign one. Unless there is one in the game still. I don't keep track of the names. Too many of the same thing.

    I hope they add the Imperiale Sovereign one.
    Because that'd be a great opportunity to add a Silver Lion Figurehead.

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    I'd like to see not only that but also an entire Ruffian Sea Dog set for cannons, capstan, rudder and flag as well. I've really made the Ruffian Sea Dog 'my set' and I don't imagine I'll switch it out in the future considering I'm Pirate Legend and still don't want to change it. According to my friends, they pretty much identify me by that set and I do too.

    It'd be great to see them in the game, so yeah! A figurehead would be something in that direction asides from just sails and hull. That said, I'm not in any way displeased even having the hull and the sails - I love them. But the full set would be awesome!

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    @mr-dragon-raaar a bit before cursed sails I think

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    I am actually hoping that the removed figureheads come back at some point since I missed the chance to add them to my collection at the time not having the gold and knowing what were the ones to be removed until the patch was out lol

    Main reason I say this is that yes they may of been a recolor of the main ones but they suited the related hull and sail cosmetics for the ships as a full theme.

    The swords themselves can stay removed since there was too little changed between them to warrant them to stay at the time.

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    Here's a small list of cosmetics I am missing:

    Legendary Weapons
    Legendary Cutlass
    Legendary Eye of Reach
    Legendary Pistol
    Legendary Blunderbuss
    Legendary Equipment
    Legendary Hurdy Gurdy
    Legendary Drum
    Legendary Concertina
    Legendary Bucket
    Legendary Speaking Trumpet

    Ghost Shipwright
    Ghost Cannons
    Ghost Capstan
    Ghost Wheel

    Hunter Shipwright
    Hunter Cannons
    Hunter Capstan
    Hunter Wheel

    Mercenary Weapons
    Mercenary Blunderbuss
    Mercenary Eye of Reach
    Mercenary Equipment
    Mercenary Speaking Trumpet
    Mercenary Drum
    Mercenary Hurdy Gurdy
    Mercenary Concertina
    Mercenary Bucket
    Mercenary Spyglass
    Mercenary Pocket Watch
    Mercenary Lantern
    Mercenary Shovel
    Mercenary Tankard

    Mercenary Shipwright
    Mercenary Figurehead
    Mercenary Cannons
    Mercenary Capstan
    Mercenary Wheel

    Ferryman Weapons
    Ferryman Eye of Reach
    Ferryman Equipment
    Ferryman Speaking Trumpet
    Ferryman Drum
    Ferryman Hurdy Gurdy
    Ferryman Concertina
    Ferryman Bucket
    Ferryman Spyglass
    Ferryman Compass
    Ferryman Pocket Watch
    Ferryman Lantern
    Ferryman Shovel
    Ferryman Tankard

    Ferryman Shipwright
    Ferryman Hull
    Ferryman Figurehead
    Ferryman Sails
    Ferryman Cannons
    Ferryman Capstan
    Ferryman Wheel

    Grand Admiral Shipwright
    Grand Admiral Cannons
    Grand Admiral Capstan
    Grand Admiral Wheel

    Executive Admiral Shipwright
    Executive Admiral Cannons
    Executive Admiral Capstan
    Executive Admiral Wheel

    Ruffian Sea Dog Shipwright
    Ruffian Sea Dog Cannons
    Ruffian Sea Dog Capstan
    Ruffian Sea Dog Wheel

    Corsair Sea Dog Shipwright
    Corsair Sea Dog Cannons
    Corsair Sea Dog Capstan
    Corsair Sea Dog Wheel

    Imperial Sovereign Shipwright
    Imperial Sovereign Cannons
    Imperial Sovereign Capstan
    Imperial Sovereign Wheel

    Majestic Sovereign Shipwright
    Majestic Sovereign Cannons
    Majestic Sovereign Capstan
    Majestic Sovereign Wheel

    Bilge Rat Shipwright
    Bilge Rat Cannons
    Bilge Rat Capstan
    Bilge Rat Wheel

    Scurfy Bilge Rat Shipwright
    Scurfy Bilge Rat Cannons
    Scurfy Bilge Rat Capstan
    Scurfy Bilge Rat Wheel

    Rotten Bilge Rat Shipwright
    Rotten Bilge Rat Cannons
    Rotten Bilge Rat Capstan
    Rotten Bilge Rat Wheel

    Castaway Bilge Rat Shipwright
    Castaway Bilge Rat Cannons
    Castaway Bilge Rat Capstan
    Castaway Bilge Rat Wheel

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    The Sea dog one is I think the only one with distinct colouration. The Admiral and Sovereign figureheads that were there were almost the same colour but one was 75.000 gold and the other 140.000 gold and had a green eyed lion in stead of a red one and they had a yelow eyed one too. Same with the fish for bilgerat.

    I don't mind having just 1 per set without distinct colours especially since you won't see the difference.

    I'd love to see more distinct figureheads, in the olden days of yore ships had so many different figureheads and there's so many to take inspiration from It shouldn't be too hard to get some distinct new ones in the game.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the spinal one and the trailers had a lighter coloured version of the Legend one that looks great.

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    There are so many cosmetics that should be in the game but aren't.
    I find it a little disheartening because SoT's Reward system is purely cosmetic.
    So they should have complete sets, instead of these half or partially complete sets.

    Hopefully the Mega Update addresses these issues.