Teleport Hacks??

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    I love this game a lot, but after what happened this afternoon, this game is uninstalled, my friend and I were sailing behind 2 other ships, but one of them fled, and during the fight our anchor descended mysteriously alone, and at the same time time a guy appeared out of nowhere on our ship, being that we were moving and was killing one by one in the back, hack in that game no, that was enough.

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    @projectinx how often do you play this game? It seems pretty clear to me that someone on one of the ships in front of you jumped into the water and caught your ladder as you sailed by him. That's good tactics, not a bug.

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    People are way to quick to jump to cheating on this game. With what information is given, it sounds like the lead ship dropped a sailor who swam to your ship. This is a rather common tactic. It could also be that the player was on your ship the entire time. I've done it before, where I stowed away on a ship and waited for the right moment. My crew could follow up with a coordinated anchor strike. Their is many reasons how you could be boarded, hacks probably isn't one of them.

    My question to you, is how much do you actually play this game?

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    my question is that how you got off with only one boarder :D
    Cuz with hacks is usually hundreds.

    But as ppl have already said, you just were boarded. Given that you were trailing somebody, its no wonder.
    Ppl swim over from islands to get to you without noticing. So somebody jumping off a boat is hardly a hack.