Why the Scury Bilge Rat Set is so expensive

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    Ahoy Mates!
    I've often heard sailors ask why the Scury Bilge Rat Set is so expensive.
    And to this day no one really knows why.
    But I think I've uncovered the answer.

    Okay so, first off you have to understand how the Sea of Thieves Cosmetic Set system works.
    Every launch set (Sea Dog, Sovereign, Admiral and Bigle Rat) have 3 different variations.
    Those variations being:

    • Sea Dog, Rogue Sea Dog, Ruffian Sea Dog
    • Admiral, Ceremonial Admiral, Grand Admiral
    • Sovereign, Royal Sovereign, Imperial Sovereign
    • Bilge Rat, Scury Bilge Rat, Castaway Bilge Rat

    One of the three Variations always has its items locked behind a level 31 to 50 Trading Company commendation.
    However this is not the case with the Bilge Rat Sets, all three of the sets are purchasable at level 1.

    Then why is the Scury Bilge Rat Set so expensive?
    Well, because it's the 'Locked' variation of the Bilge Rat Sets.
    But instead of being locked behind a level 31 to 50 commendation, it's locked behind a large sum of gold.

    Hope that clears it up for ya!

    Anyways mates, do you think my synopsis explains why the Scury Bilge Rat Set is so expensive?
    Let me know what ya think!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

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    There's 4 variations of each set.

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    Aye, but the 4th one is always purely clothing.
    So I don't consider it a Cosmetics Set.

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    Sounds reasonable to me.

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    We were just talking about that last night on the galleon full of friends we sailed with. My spouse has been wanting the coat. Has not wanted to buy it because of the costs being higher than everything else. Was on sale last night at a seaport so I urge him to splurge.

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    Good observation! I'd wondered that for a long time. Until Rare tells us why, I'm going with this. If for no other reason than to give myself closure on it. My friend told me he likes running the ship livery with the overachiever sails. I tried it out earlier and agreed it looked pretty good. I might do that to change things up from my normal two ship sets I use.

    I've grown fond of the wailing barnacle ship set with the megalodon figurehead since blue is my favorite color. If I don't use that I use the shark hunter livery, the black sails, and either the ghost figurehead or the bone crusher figurehead. Running the scurvy bilgerat livery might make our ship stand out a little more since it's not one I see often.

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    Hey thanks mate, I usually make my ship look like the Region I spawn in, so I'll usually have the Wilds, Ancient Isles or Shores of Plenty Sails up.

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    Makes sense, I can't think of any other reason why else it would be so much money.

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    @sgt-palooggoo Yep, you've hit the nail on the head.

    When the game first launched there were only 2 of each set. The "upgraded" version of each being locked behind a company rank, with exception of the Scurvy Bilge Rats. As this set had no level requirement, it simply cost twice as much as the other sets.

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    @x-crowheart-x ive worn it since i could afford it. would be nice to have more long open jackets though.

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    Second that! Same for some open vests.