I'm a PC Players And heres my thoughts

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    Alot of us PC players enjoy the game we love having the ability to join in a game and meet new people who have an entirely different style of playing games then we do (layed back casual) and we enjoy the encounters we have with people and open mics and the content it brings after reading alot on the reddit and reading some blogs and other things about this I feel like I got a better understanding of this entirely, I understand that they want to balance out the game and give those who like to sit in their living room on their couch with a controller in hand an even playing field and we PC players want that as well, its not that we all want to have an advantage we want it even, we want it to be challenging, and I feel as if you guys are going in the right direction with this by fixing double gunning, (I don't personally use it cause my quick scoping skills are bad) so it won't be a common occurrence anymore, and I think they should implement something like fortnite has from my understanding, but splitting the community kinda makes me feel unsettled personally, simply because I like to play with my controller some days and other days I like to play with my keyboard, and I know there is a distinct difference between the two and I feel as if it would just put PC players who play with controllers at a disadvantage, now I'm not a game developer or anything but I feel as if this is not the right move, rare you are already doing such a great job already, with removing the double gunning, and aim assist for xbox should be next, I don't think implementing pools of servers is the right way to go, I think you should see how the double gunning provention and work on aim assist and see how that works out, don't jump the gun on this one, the last thing you need is your playerbase to be upset and angry with you, looking at the reddit and looking at youtube alot of xbox players are also against this choice the game is an adventure game in a sense right? its not call of duty its not a competitive intense game when your just roaming around, its a relaxing game most of the time and sometimes you get in PVP and its fun but splitting the community into pools isn't the right way, You guys are already making it possible for xbox players to use keyboard and mouse and your removing double gunning add aim assist for controllers there you go you covered all your bases. Please just don't split the community and if you guys do implement it please think about the right way of going about it, alot of us PC people are just worried cause this implementation has killed multiple games and servers on games for us in the past. We love your game and don't want to see it become that one game we use to play before they implemented that one feature that killed it for all of us. just please look into the comments look at the videos check with your community fully before implementing this feature. hell drop a poll somewhere.

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    They have the numbers. Guaranteed that poll would be inaccurate. I guarantee you there is more pc players in this fourm then Xbox.

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