Limited time events are bad for new players and old

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    Rare please get rid of limited time events. You guys add so much cool stuff into the game why lock it away? I say release all your limited time gear, weapons and clothing so new or older players who missed out, and really want theses cool cosmetics can put in the time doing the challenges to unlock them. I think limited time event only hurt the game and more so to the people who miss out. You guys but so much cool stuff in the game why take it out ? bolded text

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    In a game where the only progression is Cosmetic, there needs to be a reward for those who are participating. Limited time Cosmetics are those rewards.

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    @cheezey-bio As someone who started the game during cursed sails and didn't earn any but one reward from it, I don't mind that players who have been around longer have things to show off that I can't get. They played before me, they did the work, they deserve it.

    Like EratikStorm said, it's just cosmetics

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    Like I said in this topic: (Please) Stop begging unnecessary game changes

    I lost some items because my pc was broken. Then, I bought an Xbox and played since Cursed Sails.
    One of the things that this game brings of incentive to the players are the season's exclusive items. These items cause players to replay, populating servers again. Many games work this way, and this makes each player (and his account) unique. I was really sad to have lost some, but at the same time, I believe that if I lost, I'm the only one to blame. Maybe giving the items in Mixer streams, prizes, contests, etc. could be a good solution, so whoever lost can get a second chance to got, but definitely, put the item for sale in the game or even microtransactions, please, no. This will take away the essence of the game and the exclusivity of those who work hard to get such items.

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    games evolved alot over time during these events. I like that you had to be on when Merrick made us drum skins. Its cool to look at someone and tell what events they did just by looking at scars, tats,face paints and gear

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    double post:

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    Ok, honest question here:
    Have you searched the forums before asking this? It's literally half a page below this post. The exact same question.

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    I understand why they have the limited time events in the game and the positive reasons to have it in the game. But i do think there should be like a big one last chance event (for an idea) that everyone has an opportunity to unlock some cosmetics ?

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    I'm personally hoping that they'll make the vast majority of these events repeatable in the future. Maybe not annually and maybe not ALL of them but most, perhaps every other year? I missed out on a few of the items due to reasons beyond my control and would very much like for myself and others, have a chance to obtain them in the future.

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    I posted something similar in another thread, but it should fit here as well...
    Event Exclusive items - Possibility to obtain after event:
    Bring back all limited time items:
    Sea of thieves hurts itself by making content limted time and then gone forever.....:

    New players have no way of completing the Bone Crusher or Wailing Barnacle, which kind of sucks. However, I was here during the battle against the Warsmith and her fellow captains to defend the Sea of Thieves while the new players weren't.
    Now that the Skelleons roam the sea's, I could see the possibility of these coming back in some variation for defeating the Skeleton Fleets or many of the individual Skeleton Crews. These variations would match the other items in the set but still be distinct from the original.
    I also like they idea of them appearing randomly in a Seapost and locked until you have the specific commendations, and if the original cost doubloons, so should the variant.

    People who were here during these events deserve the unique stuff that comes with it, but I think variants would be a good idea to allow for set completion. With the Skeleton Fleets defeated in the Cursed Sails event, perhaps a more tattered form of Bone Crusher livery can become available for defeating the remnants that currently sail around? A more patched up sail, the figurehead could have a cannonball hole with the jaw hanging down or gone completely while the hull also looks more worn. It would match the Bone Crusher Theme, but be different than the original reward.

    Something similar could be done for the Wailing Barnacle livery. The outfits are a bit more challenging aside from making them available again straight away.

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    I support the idea that it is bad for certain portion of players for whom it might be major turn-off that they are missing items which promotes not playing the game because it's old or because it is forcing them to do specific things in specific time window which may feel like a job - and most people don't like their jobs so no good. This "slavery" is the reason I stopped playing many games with event stuff and once I missed things there was no point returning. It would be nice to see difference in this game as it has a real potential to be more player friendly than the other less forgiving games which want to string the players along using psychological tricks such as the time limited events.

    On your second point Cheezey, there should absolutely be nothing like "last chance to get items" event. It may sound convenient that you could get the items you missed, but what about the newer players that will join after it or the older ones who might return? They would be in the same boat like you are right now unable to get something they might need to increase their enjoyment and they would be disappointed. People don't play games to be disappointed so it could discourage them from playing. As such there should be a regular way to get the items - be it available only once in blue moon, but repeatedly again and again to eventually give the option to everyone who puts in the (un)required effort.

    "You like this item? Well it's an event thing, but you will be able to get it in a half year or so" sounds better than "it's time limited event item so no chance you are getting it as well bro - now keep staring at it till you feel bad enough to stop playing altogether".

    The time limited items could be time limited just for time limited time. That's best approach in my opinion. The older players would feel unique for one year etc. and then the others would eventually get their chance to obtain the items as well.

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    I been sailing the seas for ten months, dude. I'm only here for the water and the swag.

    Who are you to devalue my efforts?

    I wouldn't mind variants in the mix, just not originals.

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    I personally decided to post my opinion about limited tims events because like alot of people i know. I played the game at launch, put alot of hours into the game then got bored from a lack of content. I occasionally hoped back on from time to time but didn't really enjoy the game as a whole until shrouded spoiles was released. Now im am becoming invested into the game again. And i look at all the new stuff the added in and i was excited. but really disappointed to know i couldn't get alot of it, and i didn't realise theses stuff from hearing about theses updates coming to sof was gonna be time limited, so when i got back into the game and recently have become a fan again ill feel like this is a big miss opportunity for rare. And i know your gonna think well thats why true fans should get this stuff because they played at that time. But if they want more new players to enjoy the game i think something should be done about this.