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    @cpt-1cupcake This would be of course if an AI, was choosing who had bountys ect. Would This would also help keep unruly pirates in check, as most people wouldnt be throwing out cash to hunt people down unless they were rich.

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    I could personally go for chat pad support for the Xbox so that we can all have the ability to type in custom messages and not be limited to the standard wheel. That could certainly help with better communication and (hopefully) doing work together with other crews.

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    What are your positive and negative experiences playing online games?
    I think perception has been the biggest problem.
    When you go onto one of the many Facebook Sea of Thieves groups, you will find people genuinely frustrated over spending hours only to have it wiped out in a totally unbalanced and unwinnable situation. And you get two get "Yeah been there and it sucks" or you get "HA HA HA THAT IS WHAT PIRATES DO DUMMY" .
    And the reality of it is that is NOT what Pirates were like.
    You can have all of this conversation on podcasts and E3 videos about "community" and "cooperation" that you want but then you are ignoring reality.
    It took me a week to do the Thrones because half of the time when you try to approach another player or ship you get shot in the face. The other half they scuttle or run.
    I sat on one of the thrones for an hour and you will find that many many according to posts on Facebook and social media did this method also only to have the first person that came run up and kill me while i was sitting on the throne and then sink my ship.
    Then you get the people "We're friendly we're friendly" then as they get closer you hear them giggling as they start shooting.

    Tonight I had an experience myself where I got a message in a bottle with six chests...six!
    Get them all on board and start heading to an outpost and there is a galleon turning and heading right for me from the outpost so I run away looking for another outpost and decide to go south....galleon leaving that outpost turns and heads right for me so I go in a different direction...sloop ...ok I can take my chances....oh ..original galleon barreling in I turn again and get the wind and go to the furthest outpost I could, as I drop anchor the original galleon comes barreling in from the other side of the outpost cannons blazing, one on land shooting at me, one trying to board...
    I get one chest cashed in, try to get another and get shot dead in the middle of the outpost.
    There are many many MANY who would love this game, but at the moment it should be called Sea of Bullies because that is what it caters to.
    Not everyone can get groups.
    I myself sit for hours in the official Discord, and messaging on Facebook but everyone really just wants Legends or high level "experienced" crew.
    Will I bother to try again, I can genuinely say right now I am not sure.
    I am that burnt out and frustrated at not just the grind in the game but the grind behind the game.
    I have seen people have it much harder than myself.
    There needs to be a holy ground as it were.
    If a pirate killed another pirate in Tortuga or Port Royal for no reason or just to steal his gold then they would have been killed as an example.
    If a pirate acted like a wild dog, it was bad for business so they would be cut off at the ports and nobody would buy their plunder.
    This is the only way to give a balance to trolling.

    This game is right on the edge, and it could be so much.
    It has the most beautiful game world that I have ever seen and I have played every MMO to hit as well as persistent world. But it is unfriendly to the new player, and is unfriendly to the solo player.
    Imagine being able to actually socialize with other pirates without having to worry about being shot in the face?
    You have all of this great cosmetic stuff but what good is it when you only see it for a second before you die or you kill the other person.
    You have so many amazing sites to see but you can't enjoy them.
    How much easier would it be to find another crew to do Thrones and other events if you could wait in the tavern knowing other crews come in and out because you do not have to be shot in the face.
    Sooner or later you will have to make the choice do you want a social game or do you want a playground for people that just want to kill and troll other players.

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    This was just posted on one of the Facebook groups...and this is what people face out there no matter what the numbers and statistics that you guys look at tells you....
    "Name private I just tried to sloop a legend voyage. First ship I saw sank me. I asked for their help to kill skellys on the island I was at, and they could take the skulls. They just kept killing me and said I'll never get the Athenas chest"

    This is what is happening out there hour after hour and day after day.

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    This is the kind of people your game caters to right now...

    ***To the sloop two days ago that had just finished a skullfort, and was kind enough to open the door and allow us to sink them.

    Sorry mate that be the game. And though you tried hiding the chest on the island, we still found every piece of loot XD. Got me to pirate legend in merchants combining all that loot with the gold chickens we already had.***

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    @opticalmatrix the way the developers are developing the game making crews come together for missions i don't think this is as big of an issue and a way to report trolling or something like this will just be used irresponsibly. but yes there is still some topics that can be touched up on in the future for now there is enough going on with the updates and more. As a player i almost never run into trolls occasionally i will but i just lock them in the brig and my crew and i continue on.

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    @opticalmatrix I have played many MMO's in my time before playing sea of thieves. There will almost always be people that get aggressive and salty. It's a team based game so it is expected to happen.

    However, if people stick to the same group of like-minded players MMO's become a very comfortable environment to lose yourself in. As long as you keep a safe distance from PUG groups you will have a great time.

    SoT is the type of game where you can play with your personal friends IRL. A lot of online games give rewards to people that refer other players to their game. If we could give a discount to some of our friends to buy this game it would grow a small community of small clusters of friends who sail together regularly.

    This game is a lot more enjoyable amongst friends and I believe it should be supported in some way. The game does come with a large price tag, which makes a lot of people cringe (the game is worth every cent IMO), but implementing a discount / reward system for referals would not only make the game more accessible to a player's RL friends but would bolster that player's small personal community or playerbase.

    Small groups of regular friends or players (like a guild) will be the lifeblood of this game moving forward - all team work games with end game content ( like raids and such - LOTRO and WoW just a few examples) depend heavily on end game players for their microtransactions.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    @sir-saltybeard Hi mate, i don't agree with you in some points. The game is great. If a lot of people don't understand it, it's not Rare fault. Today we live in a bad world, full of crying babies and people that want all in just one time. This game is just at the beginning...just wait july and september and then we'll see what direction the game will take. See you on SoT mate!

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    @elfodellanotte said in Insider Hot Topic - Building a positive online environment for players:

    @sir-saltybeard Hi mate, i don't agree with you in some points. The game is great. If a lot of people don't understand it, it's not Rare fault.

    Have to disagree. It is their job to convey the status, direction and goals across to the players...hold their hand through it They are not updating players on the site very well..twitter does not count. It still shows Bilge Rats Adventure #1 as the first news item. 5 min fix.

    Today we live in a bad world, full of crying babies and people that want all in just one time.

    Unfair. People expect value for their money, they want a content rich game, and they don't want to have a game come out unfinished, and get fixed later. No Man's Sky is a good example. This happens way to often, and you get too many apologists defending it. Before we had internet, games had to be finished...and as bug free as possible. If it can happen 20 years ago, it can happen now.

    This game is just at the beginning...just wait july and september and then we'll see what direction the game will take.

    I agree, it has an awesome foundation. I enjoy the basic mechanics of the game. I also hope it continues for a long time, and keeps getting better. That doesn't excuse the rocky release, and the average player review which you can find everywhere is not great.

    I myself never started playing until June, as I wasn't interested until I seen they were actively planning updates after the hungering deep announcement. It didn't appear to be solo friendly, which I enjoy playing this way, it had a toxic atmosphere of players grieving others all of which had put me off.

    I am playing, enjoying and hoping for the best.

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    I want beta please

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    Make it so that solo players will only run into other solo players. Two or more on a ship should be put into general population.

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    @f3arm0d3 You would lose the fear factor when solo slooping, it would be so boring! On top of that you would never be able to tag along to do the Meg or anything new they do similar to that.

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    @i-doodles-i I agree the fear factor in this game is what hooked me. I solo from time to time. I have while solo taken down full crews and been rewarded with massive loot. I have also been looted out of hours of work. That's what makes this game so rewarding not knowing what's going to happen one minute to the next!

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    I think this new system will boost coop.
    I've found past events very frustrating and couldn't complete them :/

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    "How often do you come across negative behaviour in online gaming? Do you see it as a problem?" A: as a female gamer I exp. a lot of negative behaviour and comments. I feel that we should be able to kick people off the ship. It is hard joining an open server where 3 people are amazing and 1 is ruining it.

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    Tools and Mechanics: One thing that I've always thought would bring a Aura of "goodness" to Sea of Thieves is a little more humor during action sequences. Here's an example: So you decide to fire out of a cannon and accidentally smack into the side of a cliff. Why not go ahead and put the little birdies flying around the players head with whistling sounds (I mean our characters are a little cartoonish, right)? The crew is going to laugh and its just going to create a lighter atmosphere during the intense battles we sometimes face.
    How I handle negativity? Usually I try to catch pirates off guard with a " You guys having fun" while battling. It works most of the time and for the times it doesn't it's usually because the poor guy has been killed so many times while playing the game that he's gotten crusty. In other words "Handle negativity with positivity"!

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    @bern-dimall you wouldn't be able to see the birds, only the other players would?

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    @wipe-nd-clean Very true but you'd hear the whistling and hear your mates laughter. Face it...... No matter how many times Wile E. Coyote got smashed we always laughed (still do). Laughter is good in a game like this.

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    What are your positive and negative experiences playing online games?
    *Positive - making friends that last
    *Negative - Immature adults using online games as an outlet for their hate speech because they think it's funny. Much worse than immature kids (at least they have an excuse)

    How often do you come across negative behaviour in online gaming? Do you see it as a problem?

    • Much less when playing with adults, about 3/4 of the time when its kids/teenagers.

    How does negative behaviour from others impact your gaming experience, and how does it make you less likely to play the game or recommend it to others?

    • It just makes it not fun to play, to the point where I don't even pick up the game anymore. And since there are so many games out there, once I move on to another game, all my old ones just collect dust.

    How do you personally deal with negative behaviour online? (e.g. report it to customer support, personally message griefer etc.)

    • I mute the offender, block them, or leave the session. I almost never report because it seems like it's no use, I never message the griefer because it will just add more fuel to the fire.

    What in-game tools and mechanics do you think would both help promote positive behaviour as well as discourage negative behaviour online?

    • Rewards for working together on long and short-term goals.
    • An in-game report system which saves the last 5~ minutes of the report, this ability should be taken away if a user is caught making multiple false reports.

    Are there any games that you feel are doing a great job of promoting a positive and inclusive online environment?

    • Everquest 1, many years ago, but maybe because of the nostalgia. I do feel that the thrones event was very good for SoT, we made many friends that week and had a ton of fun, honestly the most fun we've had on SoT. I do think that one thing that could have been done better is that the events should continue to reward players, because once someone is finished, they are back to not needing others and not being needed. Also, while it is fun to help friends, it quickly gets stale if you are not getting any rewards for it.

    If you've played Sea of Thieves and experienced trolling, what happened and how to you think we could prevent it?

    • Trolling usually happens from within your own crew when playing "open". I've created open crews to help new players out, only to get our treasures thrown overboard and our ship exploded with a keg, I've never joined an open crew since. We should have the ability to vote kick someone from the crew, maybe forcing them to walk the plank, leaving them stranded at Sea to stay true to the theme.
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    Perhaps this topic is the least off-topic then the others, but I was wondering a thing.
    Since there are so many new features, where do the pioneers come in to test these?
    Is there an external group of testers to give feedback or is it all internal testing right now?

    If there is a group of pioneers or insiders that actively test?
    If so it would mean I did not make the new cut, to bad. But then at least I know that.
    I still have the beta installed on my xbox and was hoping for a follow-up of the insider program to test and give feedback.

    Does anyone know anything about that?

    Sorry again if this is not the right thread, I just want to know so badly :)

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    @acexbox1 They recently reinstated the pioneers again for testing which was done before cursed sails was released. Not sure how this round was chosen but if you were selected there was an email sent out to opt into the program. Previous pioneers have said all they had to do was go back into the insider hub on xbox and opt into the program again. Hope this helps a little.

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    @cpt-1cupcake I report where I feel that I can, but it doesn't feel like reporting does much good. When we came about a troll pirate in our crew, we brigged him, but really hated that he'd get our share of loot that he hadn't worked for, so we waited him out to leave before we turned anything in. I wish we could just kick these unruly pirates from our crew. I block and mute the sexist pirates I've come across. Not much else I can do.

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    @iceman-0007 thanks for the tip. I checked out the hub and indeed I could apply again. Hopefully it works out like this. Thanks again!

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    @acexbox1 I did not receive an email, but when i pressed the "account" button on the top right corner on this website I had an option to join. Try checking there?

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    @svampbeard said in Insider Hot Topic - Building a positive online environment for players:

    @acexbox1 I did not receive an email, but when i pressed the "account" button on the top right corner on this website I had an option to join. Try checking there?

    I checked it and it already states I'm opt in for the insider program.
    Perhaps reentering trough the xbox hub will do the trick.

    Thanks for all the help.

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    @acexbox1 There's an own box for pioneers under the insider box.

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    @svampbeard said in Insider Hot Topic - Building a positive online environment for players:

    @acexbox1 There's an own box for pioneers under the insider box.

    This is what I have under my account settings:

    Am I missing something?

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    @acexbox1 "tick here to opt in" and submit! Tada, you're in :)

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    @svampbeard Ow heck, I feel so stupid.
    I did not read well and thought it was to opt-out.

    I just opt-in and now the fun can begin.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    @acexbox1 No problem my dude!

    alt text

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    The ingame communications between players could be improved but with caution!

    I know personally, especially with these new updates it can be hard to find another Crew to Alliance with.

    Adding a new communications feature will allow players to see who all is in their session and be able to communicate via open world text chat. You’d be able to access this via settings. If you enter the larger chat board through the in game menu, you’ll be able click on players gamertags which will bring up the options of View Profile, Mute, Report (maybe even an Invite To Alliance option)
    When your in game the text from the chat will appear like it usually does when you use the preset chat,
    you’ll be able to see the chat on the top left.
    You should also have the option to Disable this or a quick Mute All button instead of going and individually Muting everyone.

    Reported players and penalties:
    Chat ban the Game ban?
    Start with a short term ban then keep lengthening it each time a PROVEN (backed up with evidence) toxic player has been reported and previously banned. If a player continuously keeps abusing the communication system by breaking the rules and being toxic they will get permanently banned.

    This might make teaming up and forming Alliances easier. It will also make us, as a Community feel more connected by giving us the open chat option, it could get players more involved in game
    sessions. Personally as a do-gooder, I’d like to help lower level crews who seek help on their quests to become Pirate Legends! Or even help other players in hunt of Skeleton Thrones, Mermaid Statues and even Cursed Pirate Ships.

    Maybe introduce the chat system for 2-4 weeks, ask the players what they think and if they’d like it to be a permanent in game feature?
    The players will all have different opinions but go for what the vast majority think.

    That’s briefly what I think.
    I don’t know about anyone else.

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    Would it be possible to add an automatic kick option after if you are longer than 5min in the brig?

    Some pirates will stay in the brig for the whole voyage or event and will get all the benefits.
    Just a thought.


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    @raygx86 If you are placed in the brig it is up to the crew when you are released, so this proposal seems unfair. I believe Rare did look into the kick from crew option and decided it would get abused.

    The issue here is you get paid if you are in the brig but if they make it so you don't get paid if you are in there that could also be abused.

    From experience most people who join your ship to spam rep usually run a script to run them round in circles.

    My solution involves the Ferry of the Damned. It is pretty easy to send an idling player to the Ferry of the Damned. Once they are there make so if the door has been open for more than 10 minutes the player does not get paid.
    Give the crew an option in the settings to disable this for the odd occasion when a player does have to be AFK for an extended period of time. Make it reset if everyone but the dead player leaves.

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    BIG breath in.......

    Positive exp has been the community....the negative is also the community and the grind for certain things with little to reward back. For example when you are set to do captions from a quest only to spend and hour or more and make very little experience and/or gold for all the work.

    I've noticed I have been coming across more negative behaviors recently. I see it as a problem to a certain degree. Most of the time Myself and my friends just want to play to grind to legend status. We do not usually want, not try to, participate in PvP. Yet here we are after grinding a fort or ship encounter alone, sinking because someone decided to hang out and wait for us to do the work, become low on supplies, then destroy us and steal our hours of hard work and time. Then when we respawn they seek us out to follow us and keep on sinking us. NOT FUN.

    It impacts the experience by making it not fun or enjoyable. Unfortunately there is no other way to legend but to be forced to play in an PvP environment to get there. So even if we wanted to play less we can't. It only encourages us to do small value objectives which increases the grind time. That is no fun either.

    I usually do nothing with neg behavior. This is because nothing will be done about it. What can you do really? You can not ban someone based on another players complaint....not even based on multiple complaints. You need proof of said neg behavior. So we basically have to just eat it. Everyone has to not just me. I am not sure there is really a good solution except for one. (which I will get to shortly)

    I am not sure there are any mechanics that will ever solve this issue.

    This game is such a totally different exp from most every other game right now there is not a specific game I can point to. Maybe The Division with their (non-dark zone) game play area to a certain degree.

    The easiest way to solve trolling/griefing is to set up servers that have "friendly fire" off for all. Essentially making PvE only servers. Where everyone who choose's to go on those servers will be assured to find more like minded people to do quests, forts, and encounters. It reassures players that no one will be giving anyone else a hard time. It assures those who lack the skill to defend themselves in a PvP environment, a way to enjoy their game, their own way. For those who want to just grind and not be bothered with other people trying to kill them, a way to do that.
    For those who would choose to participate in PvP they could choose that server. The hardcore PvP player will know they are playing with like minded players. With the weapons, gameplay, and rewards all being exactly equal then those servers will only house those wishing to play either PvP/E or PvE(only). I know there will be many who claim that it's meant to be that way and more people than not want to enjoy it that way, and if that is the case and my friends and I are in the minority, then setting up servers for "us few" should not be that hard. Condensing a couple servers to make room should be easy because our population should no warrant very much server space.
    I do believe though you will find more people will join our server, because i believe, we are actually the silent majority.

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    When I come across negative behavior in SoT I personally deal with it, Devs and the others are to busy to take every complaint. Most of the time i go to game chat a speak to the fellows and voice my intentions, after that a multiple of outcomes can spur from the situation it's how you deal with the problem when it arises I believe is all in the player. If others decide to be negative be swift and lethal no need for trash talking or name calling settle it with steel and cannon and keep the griefing to a minimum (which i know some cant) or simply change servers if ththe keep bothering you because well no one likes a troll but it can all be settled on game by players not by having to contact support everytime someone sinks you or griefs you.