Guide for New Pirates!

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    @piratecraggy 5 videos so far and the 6th will be up tomorrow, all organized on a separate playlist for ease of navigation, thank you again matey :)

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    I’m going to risk getting in trouble here as your not meant to bump threads but I’m noticing more new members to these fair shores today soooooo.....

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    My tip: If you wonder whether you should check the horizon to make sure no other ships are coming up on you, then you should have already done it at least a minute ago!

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    Solo tip: when visiting large islands park the ship near cannons on land. It's easy to know where they are as skeletons fire at you. This allows you to provide some protection to your ship from land and a quick launch and escape back to your ship.
    The upside, it is fun to watch the sailors swim back to their own ships or to the island in a panic as they are caught off guard. Giving you time to get back to your ship.

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    Cannon fire tip: never aim at the same location to fire your next cannonball. Hit the ships at different locations to create more holes.
    Cannon fire tip 2: Always start low and then go high especially when firing at a galleon.

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    Just added a link Community Idea's Master List Updated 12/13 by @ENF0RCER and crew!

    A great place to find some of the popular ideas and suggestions on the forums so far!

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    Not sure how everyone feels about this, but get to know the map. Concentrate on the larger islands. Whenever you sail around, try and guess where you are on the map, and then check to see if you are right.

    One thing I did was a lot of the animal merchant quests solo. I even tried doing them without using the map to force me to get to know the map. Now, most of the time, I don't need the map to find my way.

    This came in very handy last night. We had just finished an ashen athena, had a fair amount of loot including two green gems from mermaids my first mate needed to finish that commendation. We were sailing along and the red (queen) meg popped up. So, not seeing anyone else around, we dropped anchor and killed off the queen. However, we killed her just as she was chomping down on our boat.

    Somehow, her invisible carcass was blocking us from getting below deck to repair. In fact, we were floating in the air above the carcass until I managed to grab the ladder on the mast and force my way past it. Without a way to get below, we sunk. Thankfully, we had our rowboat. We were able to load all of that loot into the rowboat. I looked around and saw we were closest to Krakens Falls. Had I not known the map or the islands, or even where I was on the map when we started with the meg, we would have been in worse trouble.

    Our rowboat had a very nice glow to it, so we would be seen by anyone near us. So after helping my first mate load the rowboat, and giving her directions to head towards krakens falls, I took the mermaid to our new shiny boat. Once there, (barnacle cay) I knew exactly which direction to go and get back to my first mate and our rowboat with all that valuable loot. Having wind in my sails, I set forth and got to the rowboat before she could get to the island. Docked the rowboat to our brig and set sail, just in time, as there was another player boat heading from galleons grave to the roar. They would have for sure spotted the rowboat and I am sure did there best to help(themselves). So, in the end, knowing where you are on the ocean and knowing the islands not only saves you time on voyages, but could save your bacon if things go awry.

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    Also to add to this thread - If anyone new would like some help, Old Salts P.T.A are here to help:

    Fair winds

    The Old Salts

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    @j4dio Fixed now ;)