Cargo runs

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    Cargo runs once you have to deliver it to an outpost you have to find out which Npc to deliver it soon this is usually struggle with most people going from shop the shop in hopes to find. This a helpful way of helping me cut down time at Outpost searching for Who to deliver to the cargo to. All the shopkeepers follow the same pattern with their names. No matter which Outpost it is the first letter of the name is the same for every Outpost for the same shop keeps.

    0 - order of souls
    H - gold hoarder
    M - Merchant Alliance
    S - shipwright
    C - clothing
    W - weapons
    Male T - equipment
    Female T - Tavern.

    So there's time to do a new cargo runs and you have to go to an outpost just look at the first letter of the name and you'll be able to find out exactly where it goes

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    Helpful, I wish I knew this earlier When I was a wee n00b. O/ thanks tho m8