Row boat Issues

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    Just picked up SoT again after seeing some Forsaken Shores gameplay. Loving it so far, but my only issue is that my ship sank but thankfully all my loot was in my rowboat and wasnt lost. So I docked at an island and went back to my ship...

    When I got back to the island I had docked my row boat at it was gone and so was all the loot I'd spent 2 hours finding. So my question is, is this a normal function or did my row boat glitch out?

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    Ahoy there @sonofodin56 !

    The rowboat isn't linked to you as far as I know. I've had it despawn when all of my crew died, we came back to just floating loot in the water. So either it sank due to damage, another crew picked up your loot or it simply despawned because you weren't close to it anymore.

    It was also a surprise to us when the rowboat was just gone, something that shouldn't happen in my opinion. Especially not when there's actually loot on it. Hopefully it's something that will change, until that time it's probably best to row your boat to an outpost before returning to your ship.


    Captain FishSt1ck

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    I left a rowboat with loot on at an island the other day, after my ship had sunk. Then went to sail my ship back, which took quite a while. But it was still there.
    So I'm thinking it got damaged, if you were in Devil's Roar. Or more likely, someone found it and took it.