Rowboat quick turn

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    The other night i was sailing with some ppl i met on Discord.. And i had my usual whine about how anoying the rowboat is because of the MASSIVE turning radius.
    You have to use it for the cloth, but other than that is a real pain in the butt..

    The following sentence changed my live completly!!
    "You know you can turn basicly around your axis by holding Q or E, right?!"

    So i want to share this for all other unknowing.. I don't know the keys for Xbox though.. For Xbox it's the RB/LB

    Thanks @FishSt1ck for the addition for Xbox

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    For Xbox it's the RB/LB

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    Welcome to the world of the enlightened ;-)

    I still get my lefts and rights confused on the rowboat. It's technically a really good rowing system. Especially with the individual paddle breaking.

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    It's still glitched and doesn't always work. I find when I'm looking over my "shoulder" the rowboat won't turn at all even with long slow strokes. I feel it should be more responsive being such a small craft and a real rowboat would almost turn without even trying.

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    YAY! First thing Mr @FishSt1ck told me when I entered the Devil's Roar!
    It be a mighty fine thing to use to get out of a tricky situation!

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    I haven't had it fail on me, however it might be a bit confusing as @Ktingaling described it.

    So the Q/E or LB/RB don't actually move your boat at all, all it does is put the respective oar in the water as a brake. Which means that if you're not moving yet and want to quick turn, you'll need to hold one oar in the water and use the other oar to move. In a similar fashion you can also brake faster by holding boat oars in the water.

    As for the movement, I'm not that confused anymore. When you turn your camera all the way towards the front of the boat, the right trigger will move you right and the left one will move you left.

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    I know how the brake mechanic works. I'm just saying the left oar doesn't turn the boat (it's usually the left one that glitches for me)

    I will move forward slowly without turning whether I have the right oar stationary or held in the "brake" mode.

    And yes when you're looking over your shoulder either way whichever oar side you use, that's the direction you should turn so yes I get that as well.

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    Whenever a new feature is added to a game, like with the rowboats, do what I did - check out the control settings: it shows how to break with the rowboat there and is as clear as can be.