A rowboat doesn't keep your silks dry

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    As the title says: a rowboat won't keep your silks dry. Tried to sneak a box of high quality silks onto someone's ship today, and double-failed :p
    The silk was soaked (probably because the boat disappeared below the waves a few times) and both occupants of the brig spotted me ;)

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    @ottersteeth Yeah I posted something like this a while back saying that my silks would get waterlogged going from island to rowboat to galleon..never touch any water..but the row boat went under 4-5 times and I think that is what is causing the problem.

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    While you have a rowboat attached to a brig or sloop, the rowboat sometimes dips beneath the waves - I find that as long as you keep your silks off of the rowboat until you detach it, you should be fine.

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    The Rowboat will keep the silks dry if it's in calm waters (around islands for example). So you're supposed to keep it on your ship while sailing and near the island you use the rowboat to get it to shore.

    The waves are too high and will get the silks wet, this I think is intentional, in real life you wouldnt keep silks dry in a rowboat if your life depended on it while on the high seas.