Curing the Green Skeleton affliction

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    Ahoy scurvy sailors,

    I'm not a licensed doctor, nor some kind of mystical healer... But Ive the knowledge of an ancient home remedy that might work.

    If someone is suffering from that awful curse, he/she/it must open the clothes/vanity chest and pick up something.
    That shall cure your disease.

    Cheers and keep it safe!

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    Well now, ye say changin' yer attire might be a cure? I'll definitely be testin' this next time I sail!

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    @nunoazuldimeter Ahoy matey!

    I can attest, this does seem to cure all my green skellie ailments...

    I just changed my boots and bam! back to normal again... Behold the power of the clothing chest!

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    @nunoazuldimeter I guess when you enter/exit the chest a request is sent out to refresh your characters model on the other clients around you. Always figured it was a simple communication issue.

    Good spot matey!