Increase the Spawn Range of 'Sniper Skeletons'

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    I feel as though a skeleton with a sniper spawning close by is a little pointless and somewhat negates the real terror that they should cause (aside from the damage of course).

    I feel that skeletons with the 'eye of reach' should spawn further away from the player and not try to advance very much on the player either. This would result in being attacked unexpectedly from a higher point or some trees which could make for some intense moment and spice up exploration a little too.

    They would have to be rare, perhaps their accuracy toned down a little and a few other tweaks that stop them from spawning at times when there are many skeletons.

    Of course, these should not spawn far away during voyages when there are many skeletons to keep it balanced. They should spawn more like sentries on islands, spawn in and surprise you from afar and perhaps when you get close a few more could spawn to accompany him.

    I really feel that this would be a fun and valuable - yet simple - change to the game.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, what do you think?

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    @fieryhedgehog39 EoR skellies are an abomination as it is. ;) Spawn and keep them at a greater range and you’d die before being able to kill them - especially when you have multiples and planties w/EoR. They’d pin you down so that you couldn’t deal with other skellies. I enjoy the challenge of them already, but it also currently crosses the line into frustration very easily considering the hitbox/tracking issues. Your idea would take it over the edge, IMO.

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    @bran-the-ent apologies for the confusion, this would certainly NOT be good when you are in a large fight. I mean for random skelly spawns on islands, it could spawn a little away and catch you by surprise for instance. When you get close a few other skellies could spawn.

    As they are right now, giving them a sniper is obscene considering they stay within pistol distance.

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    @fieryhedgehog39 But at least, currently, you have a chance to close the distance before they can fire. And with the frequency with which randos spawn at higher rep levels - and the fact that they can spawn during OoS fights, this would just be too much, I think. In an ideal world with better hitbox detection and AI aim tracking that wasn’t insane, this might be fun; but, currently, it would be too much, I feel.

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    If they spawn too far away, and you don't notice, they'll shoot you once. Blammo! Half your health is gone. Then you spot them and attempt to advance. Blammo! You're dead, as the other half of your health disappears. Your idea, while it makes sense realistically, would be game-breaking, and would force players to ALWAYS eat bananas just to stay alive when confronting these already dastardly foes. Forcing you into a situation you can't win unless you use up resources does not a balanced game make.

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    making them much more rare could also help alleviate this or have a simple function that says "if more than 'x' skeletons are within 'y' radius, don't spawn"

    I wouldn't want them to be super common, as I mentioned, if they were an occasional surprise it would add a bit more threat to exploration and a little more variety between island encounters.

    I can understand your worry, but I am sure there would be ways to implement it safely, whether that requires altering current status or not.

    Thanks for continuing to reply!

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    their spawn distance would still have to be reasonable so that you can spot them fairly easily of course. Forcing players to use resources isn't something new, storms, the devil's roar and things like this cost the player resources simply by being there.

    I can understand your concern, they would have to be rare, perhaps their accuracy toned down a little and a few other tweaks that stop them from spawning at times when there are many skeletons. You can see my partial solution to that in a reply to a previous comment.

    Thanks for your input!