Journals are lame and boring

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    JUST MY OPINION! If you have a different opinion, feel free to tell me below.

    I think the story telling through the journals around the map is lame and not really that fun to do.

    I think you at rare have 2 different routes you can take.

    1: Add more stuff to the story quests. Wich is kinda a waste because it is time limited for some reason and players who missed the event won't be able to finish it.

    2: Skip the story with the journals and add the story through dialogs. Then you can focus more on the actual features.

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    @andreas5524 yea I totally want to stand next to a NPC to hear everything the journals had to say. Though truthfully some stories are not entirely time limited and I did enjoy without research where the books were and had fun readin the lore and I doubt a NPC could tell what Wanda went through without being gutted for talking about flameheart or leaving a journal themselves.

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    @andreas5524 well the goal of the journals weren't really designed to tell a story but rather to help futher the lore of the game to make the world feel lived in and alive to immerse the player. Rare belives in world building and making the player make the stories. You are the protagenist in this live story. I admit it can come off as lazy but really they never intended this to be a story driven game it's more of a puesdo persistent world. We the player base are whats demanding more stories cause were used to that concept and expect it. There was a time when games had no story just a premise and a goal.

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    why not ? that game has a comic ,hope the story will grow up.
    those camapaigns could be longer and more complex,interacting with the world combine items like in old point n click adventures

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    I have posted a thread of a similar topic but with alternative ideas to the current single-line, click-fest that are supposedly "journals".

    My ideas will also help add more to the lore with an actual opened journal replacing thoughtless one-lined sentences requiring way too many clicks.

    Please check it out

    There is also an easy to follow alternative to the steps of an event.

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    @andreas5524 I do like the journals. That lore all around the world we can find and know something interesting.

    But when it comes to campaigns like this Cursed Sails and previous The Hungering Deep, I think it gives a fell of emptiness around the story.

    Personally I don't feel much attached with it, rather if there was some NPC with voices really talking to us and telling us the story.
    Or better some cutscenes like we saw with the teaser trailers from THD and CC&FS. A bit of cinematic in the game would rich so much our experience.

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    In all honesty , i liked the Wanda quest...And the way of the journals , in wich a story get's told without having to read whole pages may seem little for some who like more lore and for some it will feel " just enough text" because some don't like wall of text...
    i think that the purpose of the journals, wich is telling you little bits of story , in wich you sail around like a curious pirate detective bunch was great...For me personally , more info and details could have been given , but Rare doesn't make a game for only me...Other , more action loving people, must have fun with this quest too, and i hope they had fun with it.
    Rare is trying to find a way to please all their fans . And in my eyes they do a fine job in adding more lore towards the game without losing pirates who feel gutted if they have to read a massive wall of text...

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    I wouldn't have an issue so much if there was the odd journal scattered around and we actually had some characters that could talk. It just seems really cheap and lazy to cut out voices for the characters and just replace the story telling and lore to findable books.