Post a picture of your best troll.

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    I have one that is VERY good, but I would rather see what others have done to troll first. So, any images of your best troll?

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    @cheatingpirate not sure this is a wise post... wouldn't be surprised to see @Deckhands take an interest

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    @cheatingpirate As the purpose of your post is to incite unrest within the community which is against the Forum Rules I have locked this down.

    Spamming, Baiting and Trolling
    Posts and threads that are created in order to spam, cause unrest or troll the community will be locked, deleted and the users involved warned.

    *These actions can be and are not limited to:

    Creating threads, posts and content for the sole purpose of causing unrest
    Making off topic posts to derail the conversation
    Excessively using the same phrase, similar phrases, or gibberish
    Bullying and encouraging users to bully others.
    Ignoring the warning will result in a temporary ban from the Forums and a final warning. If the action continues, a permanent ban from the Forums will be issued.*

    Please read and abide by the forum rules going forward.