Recent players list

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    Can you make it so this list updates like every other game ? It would be nice to be able to hit the “Avoid” part of a recent players profile. I mean I know you guys don’t want to help the console players much but at least do that if anything. We shouldn’t have to take a screen shot, go to find player and then type them in. I mean if you want us to that’s fine just come out and say it but don’t be lazy and leave out functions for console players.

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    I laughed at your suggestion this is a console issue. I'm PC and my recent players list has been broken forever. I play every day but my most recent player (besides those on my own ship) are a week old or more.

    I'd love this fixed too! I don't believe they are being lazy though. I think it's just not really known where the issue actually is, with the game or with the xbox app.

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    @givemeurritalin its not just a console problem. Its also not just a SoT problem.