Developer Update-"Off"

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    So I just saw this at work and I'm pretty sure all my co-workers think I'm going insane cause I was trying to stop myself from laughing but just kind of ended up making laughing choking snorting noises at my desk.

    Drew got back at Joe's "talent" comment, and I want more!
    I propose a developer Update- Off! Like a dance off... Except it's developer updates. Whoever can provide us with the best developer update (or make the other's developer update look the worst) wins!

    @The3SheetsNeate @whateverdrewsgamertagis Plz thx bye

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    @sappyelephante Poooor Joe... I think he's just tired nervous in front of the camera!

    At least you can tell with both of them that they are passionate about the game and it is not scripted PR nonsense!

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    and the number one way to make someone self-conscious about breathing is.......

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    Absolutely brilliant comeback,

    Who’s the real talent now Joe....... um

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    Oh ya, still looking forward to see "The Talent" as title available in the game!

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    I just showed this to my wife and she said "that poor guy. He's never gonna wanna do one of those videos again."