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    Personally I am more of a SOT fan, and think I will be sticking this one out between the two, more of what I am looking for out of a game. however, SAB offers, in a way, the opposite of what SOT offers.

    Since this is a community of people who enjoy pirate games, what are your expectations leading up to the release of SAB? do you think this will change the community? like people who are more inclined to PvP might switch there, which might remove that dynamic in SOT.

    I think my worry would be the skilled players would leave for this game, and toxic players looking for an easy sink/look to make peoples life miserable, would stick around. on the other hand a good chunk of PvP could leave and open the servers to be more PvE in nature.

    I dont know, like I said, for me its SOT, and I like this group of skalley-wags I have come to know, even if its repeated sinking. As always keep it civil, but I am interested in your thoughts.

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    S&B looks like a console game to me, all graphics, weaksauce gameplay.
    The ships move like they're on outboard motors with little relation between wind, sail, and water. The UI has aiming reticles for rockets.
    I'm biased in that I don't think Unisoft can make anything I'm interested in playing.

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    Ahoy maties!

    I've said it once Ill say it again...

    Sull and Bones to me looks like an on-rails Disney ride it may have nice graphics but try dip your toes in the water, stop off at that island in the distance and you'll see the real magic is gone.

    I'm sure it will be a good game for the right audience... but me... I'm out!

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    The one thing S&B has on SoT so far from what i've seen in the trailer is the cooler looking customization's. Now if we could get customized ship wheels, (fingers crossed at some point name our ship!) and possibly forge on on the fly alliance with a nearby ship to take down and enemy A.I. wouldn't that be something! But still SoT all the way

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    I am definitely looking forward to play Skull & Bones, I just love the way ships look! Can't wait to fire a full broadside of 40 cannons. But I am going to play Sea of Thieves too, I like both games for their own style.

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    I love how Skull & Bones looks, and the level of customization far outstrips Sea of Thieves in its current state, but that's about where my expectations end. Not being a PvP enthusiast, I doubt it'll have much for me personally to enjoy. No plans to ditch SoT.

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    In all honesty I don't like the look of that game, ubisoft has repeatedly left a bad taste in mouth with their games, rarely do they put out games I like, I think it's going to be another disappointment.