Things that are important for the game to grow

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    Since I haven't seen anyone really talk about this I decided to get the discussion going. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion BUT we must realize if this game is to grow we can't stagnate or change core mechanics (more detail later). We can all agree that no matter with any update or addition there will be people against and for it, such as bilge rat rep cards which right now is Hotly debated. I bring this up because it's a great example people complain that the leveling system is too stail so they add rep letters to help people out, well apparently that doesn't sit well with some PL and others, now we can debate this all day long about how much they should be and how much rep they give (I think its a decent balance right now) but for people to complain about "It's not fair" do you really expect the game to grow and change but not make it easier for players to get to PL? and i'm sure we've all heard that "PL is just the beginning" so does it really matter at the end of the day? does it harm you in anyway? (other than the butthurt) NO, so why not promote new leveling and encourage others to get to PL asap so dev's have more of a reason to start working on content for and past PL, THE GAME ISN'T GOING TO STAY THE SAME CHANGES HAPPEN. Now for the core mechanics part when I say that I mean things like "they need to make PvE only servers" (I'm sure you've seen the thread) and like I said at the beginning everyone's entitled to opinions, I know first hand how annoying PvP can be but do you actually think that taking out pretty much one of the most important parts of the game is a fix???? This thread wasn't made to bash or target anyone or anything but I think that if this game is going to grow and change properly we as a community need to stop and think before we post, we have to remember rare has a limited workforce and resources not every petty detail can always be addressed thats why before posting do a check list

    • How much time would this take rare to do (keep in mind the more time on something that's less time on other things)
    • How will it affect the community as a whole
      *Does this regress or progress the game

    I think it would be very beneficial if people keep these things in mind before creating posts and like i've said before in this thread everyone has opinions we just need to be able to sift through them and focus on things that are bringing improvements and content, that's also why debates are very important as long as they are well mannered and for lack of a better term educational. Now that's not to say neither of these topics should be debated as I was using them for explains I'm just saying as community that has a voice in how the game will progress I think we need to do it a little smarter instead of just making impulsive posts because something inconvenienced you.