Don't count your chickens....

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    Been noticing a lot recently that pirates we've come up on in the game have been counting their chickens before they hatched... Had a crew finish a skull fort before I arrived, and I could hear them taunting me on the island, "You sure you wanna do this? This won't end well for you." etc, etc... Minutes later they end up dead, sunk, and I find their stashed fort key hidden away in a bush....

    Be humble - stay focused, and don't assume you've won anything until you've cashed that loot in... [End rant]

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    @capta1n-cr0ss I always count my chickens... 7 gold ones thank you very much!

    But yeah, totally agree, always keep yer eyes on yer opponents but never go in all guns blazing... it never works out well!

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    @capta1n-cr0ss Don't tell me what to do!

    count eggs

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    where is the point of your post?

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    I often use the speaking horn to warn incoming sloops that we're on guard and know he's coming.
    Not having to fight an annoying sloop is always better then having a fight drag on for longer then it should.

    Often sloops just come in ram a ship use one gunpowder barrel and die in the process. only for us to fix the holes camp the sloop captain untill his sloop has sunk and we're off to the loot again. I can see how some people might underestimate you. ;-)

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    @weedstar-deluxe bragging and boasting i guess ^^

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    @arkhais I think the point @Capta1n-Cr0ss is trying to make is, not to goad people that you know nothing about.

    Kind of like going to a bar and shouting "everyone in this room is a total w**s" without looking around and realising Mike Tyson is on a stag do.

    And they are not really boasting, although would have a legitimate reason to...

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    Thanks for letting them know the point. You’re essentially right. My point is be humble, and try not to be a jerk. So many people look silly boasting before they even see what you’re capable of. Slow down, take your time, welcome the challenge of the new threat, and save the trash talking for the late night tavern drinks. :)