The Hunger One (aka the Megalodon) is Gone. Or is it?

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    Avast Maties
    Well lads & lasses, in Rare's latest Patch Notes they said:

    "Battered and broken by the cannon fire of an entire sea of adversaries, the Hungering One has returned to the depths and can no longer be summoned. Does this mean the waters are safe to sail again? Not for long. She may be the mightiest of her kind, but she is not the only one of her kind. From the next patch, the surface will be breached by others following in her wake. A new age of predators has dawned and things will never be the same again..."

    Creepy eh?
    More Megalodons is the message I got from that paragraph.
    Maybe less mighty ones but hey, a Megalodon is Megalodon.
    Anyways how do you think Rare will incorporate more Predators into the seas?

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    They'll probably just shrink the sizes of the Megalodon and make them attack ships at random.
    But a cool thing they could do is:
    If you play the Hungering Deep Shanty you will have a higher change of being attacked by The new Megalodons.

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    @dr-peter-tezla that's not really a good idea, kinda discourages players from playing shanties