Sword emote animations

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    Whether its raising my sword to do an "all for one and one for all" pose with my crew or flourishing my blade after a vanquish, sword emotes is something I WOULD THROW MONEY AT.

    i NEED a stances that beckons the enemy to a duel, a graceful bow to honor the honorable.

    This could really spice up sword play and not break any current game mechanics.

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    What the game requires are true RAPIER swords.
    Errol Flynn... a true needle like sword.
    Enough to make your Swash......... Buckle
    These in my opinion are the true gentleman pirate weapons of choice

    They could make them a 2nd sword type, better for PvP than against Skelly's. Longer reach, better for flesh wounds.....

    alt text
    alt text

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    en garde!......

    Think the left arm should be raised high behind

    alt text

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    Yes i am waiting for the raiper ar well, its exactly what i want. And being able to hit a stance like that would be perfect!

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    Rapier could easily be a skin too

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    I would really like to see emotes listed as an item to be purchased right along with other items. Look at Fortnite for example and the huge range of emotes they offer. SoT could do something very similar.

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    @RARE... en garde emote as follows....

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    @piratecraggy Never realised how much I wanted an En Garde emote until now!

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    Neither did I until @COMMANDREW
    Came up with the spark.... this is true pirate
    I am surprised it hasn't been suggested before.... it's the simplest emote.
    Give us a 2nd sword the RAPIER, and we are dancing, truely!

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    Guys did you notice the differance In the animation of Charged Sword attack?
    on your screen it shows a piearcing attack but the real animation others see is a swing from the back of your character.
    rare? any answers why? or something logical behind it?

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    Yeah... the charge attack is a true Lunge Attack
    A Rapier attack...... (Needle blade pointy thrust)...
    ....I'am sure a real fencing expert shall be on shortly... :-)

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    Aye! A similar idea about a week ago, check it out! New emote wheel plus more..

    Beyond Lengendary

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    @maniacx64 nice. This ones all about the sword.

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    Could they get this im by this year?

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    @piratecraggy You do know that there are images on the xbox website of a pirate holding a rapier? Why it's not in-game yet? Don't ask me

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    That I did not know....
    There is a lot of stuff they have shown which is yet to appear in game.... so fingers crossed they will get round to it!
    Would love a second sword type.