Release Notes Discussion - 1.1.0

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    @quaylin said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.1.0:

    The Shark encounter is a friggin joke now! 5 people to summon it and you only can have a ship filled with 4? So I have to go find an extra person to come join us? Nobody is out there where the shark shows up anymore because everyone did it already! This is a complete joke. It's no fun waiting around forever in hopes that someone will show up! What a bunch of garbage! You're making this game not fun at all by making us go look for people when you barely see anyone out at sea anyways!

    I agree, every time I play and I find someone who is "friendly" I always get back stabbed for no reason.

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    Whatever happened to the icon that shows off you're speaking or not. Sometimes i can't tell if thur voice or mic is working &it woulf help.

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    The speaking icon is intermittent at times. Firing yourself out of a cannon at times goes either wide left or wide right. Delay in putting cannon balls into a barrel but not taking them out. Seems to be every six cannon balls and your sword is equipped. Still rubber banding is present but not on all servers. Skellies shoot through rocks now (yeah super aim) Souls quests still glitched on certain islands(known issue still) Hopefully things get resolved as usual with time.

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    Oh yeah, cannon shooting is just plain awesome. Usually happens when a ship is moving and it's not far left or right, it's always straight regardless of where the cannon is pointed. It does register the height properly, but sometimes (happened to me once), when I fired myself out I flew directly to the sky. I would have fallen right back where I stood if the ship wasn't moving, it was way higher, than you can normally raise the cannon.

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    @khaleesibot Any more updates on the washed ashore items? This was a major draw for explorers like myself. Will tomorrow’s maintenance window re-enable this feature?

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    @khaleesibot Hungering Deep, Sea of Thieves, Xbox Game Pass, State of Decay... These are all the reasons I no longer have faith in Rare, Pre-ordering and worst of all Microsoft. I thought EA was terrible but Xbox as a whole platform is becoming difficult to recommend and hard to stomach the fact that I bought into it believing I was going to have an excellent gaming experiences. I'm done with all the lack of effort. Make Games Great Again!