[Mega Thread] The Hungering Deep

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    @koolgoldfinch nor are you in this timed event. Dont want to be killed at sharkbait because you're playing solo? THEN JOIN A GALLEON. it's your own fault for trying to solo an unsoloable quest line and complaining about PvP in a PvP game.. if people in your server are being jerks, guess what? There's a leave game option in the menus. Find a new server

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    @anubis316 there already is bonus damage when shooting it in the mouth. You can completely stop it from attacking and charging your ship if 3 or 4 cannons hit it in the mouth during the charge.

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    @nobanob they've said multiple times that this is the smallest of all the updates planned because of the fact that the team working on the HD had the shortest window and smallest lead time. Calm down. Also they've said the AI threat after this even will be a permanent randomly spawning thing like the kraken so again CALM DOWN.

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    The new features and items are great, but as far as content goes, it was a bit of a let down. This was hyped up in update videos on YouTube to be adding a bunch of new content, but I completed the story and got the limited edition items in just under an hour. Feels more like a minor update/patch than a main project content update.

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    @roguelobster856 i have to agree i was super hyped and while i love the follow the clues and the new items and the fight with the meg it was over very quickly. I feel it could have maybe been made a little longer and more clues added, some new missions maybe a new vendor etc then it would have felt more like a expansion. I feel a little let down too.

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    @cephalon-cloude Oh good, I did not know that

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    @khaleesibot regarding the Hungering Deep content, it is really frustrating that it is not possible to complete it solo. You see, I do not have enough time on my day-to-day to wait for the planets to align and provide me another four players that have acquired the drums and are game to go after that wee shark. I do not want to got to Forums, Xbox Clubs or Verified Discords to find like-minded pirates. Ideally a lobby area where pirates could gather and matchmake into the quest per se it would be amazing. Sadly, I do not see that happening and I will be jumping ship even though I really love the game. It has been a great journey, but to Davy jones my character goes and to the virtual shelf my copy of Sea of Thieves departs.

    WARRm regards,
    Old Foghorn

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    As a soloer myself I don't think it should be possible solo but I do think it needs to be more accessible. While we have many avenues to find crews I can't help but feel we shouldn't have to run around so much out of game in order to do something in game. If they want to push for cooperation that's fine but they need avenues within the game to support this especially around these events.

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    @john-hatter agreed, mate. I lost close to one hour yesterday waiting for crews interested in the HD quest and all I got was tired of drumming. At least it was entertaining to see the chickens enjoying Merrick's tune.

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    I enjoyed the little hunt for the journals and the shark fight was epic, but this update really doesn't leave much of a mark on the way we play. It's nice that we got to cooperate for once instead of just shooting every ship that comes too close, but after going through the quest once it's over, it's back to the regular voyages. Nothing really changed.

    With all the criticism about this game being pretty shallow and repetitive I feel like this update should have tried to add more to the basic gameplay, like a new weapon or so, maybe a harpoon for example.

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    I've already replied once but here's a recap of the last couple days. Did the campaign no problem great job loved it. Since then my wife and I or our group have wasted ten hrs trying to find someone or another group to fight meg with. In that ten hrs I found one other person with a mic and countless pirates who either never talked so I let them be, or fired on our fully stocked ship as soon as they could. I hopped severs a good twenty to thirty times so I give up.

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    I like the way Rare is trying to give new Stuff into the game. I like the Hungering one, the fight was really hard and awesome but...

    I think rare should think twice about new content. There are players, trying to ruin the fun of other Players. For example yesterday I was on a Server where a Galleon was fighting against every ship on Shark bait Cove. The island is essentially for the quest, so they are stealing the fun of many players. I spent more than 200 or maybe 300 hours in the game to be a legend. I will spent a lot of time in the future, helping other to be legend or just have fun. But people who disagree with that will destroy the game. And a short event like the this doesn't change their minds.....

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    This post is deleted!
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    I enjoyed the Hungering deep. It was great to be finally working with other crews within the game but, can't help but feel a bit underwhelmed now that its done. I really looked forward to having something else to do other than grind out faction quests and skeleton forts (which has become an absolute bore to do after playing the game for 2 months) but, it was all over too quick and after beating big ol' Meg, I don't really feel compelled to redo it.
    I understand there will be weekly events coming soon and am very curious to see what these will be but, at the moment the game still lacks the content to keep myself interested.

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    @j-train13x said in [Mega Thread] The Hungering Deep:

    @thyroidalwall56 this is an EXTREMELY rare case, all I've seen is cooperation

    Not really, J Train. There are at least 30 posts about this in the forums, and on launch evening we encountered it 3 times ourselves. It took us 2-3 hours just to complete the journal quest, because when we would go back to Merrick's island, we were either ambushed and killed, our sloop was sunk, or a crew sank our ship trying to force us to go with them so they had enough people.

    You can't expect harmonious pve in a pvp environment. You can hope for it, but trolls delight in ruining time exclusive events for other people.

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    What’s missing currently:

    • Possibility to see THD reputation
    • Possibility to see THD commendations
    • Add a new LORE section to re-read books/journals you discovered in the world + some infos about the islands.
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    Feedback on the Hungering Deep

    I completed this on the day it came out and I'm just now posting my feedback.

    After logging in me and a friend completed all the clues and got our drum. I actually really enjoyed figuring out which outpost to go to and where he unmarked islands where, it was well done. The only issue I have is that Duke (I believe thats his name) is at every outpost. I feel it would of been better to have a different character at each outpost. This would give Rare the ability to expand the world. If you insist it be Duke because he's the only one with the information then at least have him wear different clothes at the different locations. That way it seems like he is traveling.

    As for the content itself I'd love a weekly riddle like this and the reward could just be a single cosmetic piece. Just continue to expand the world and give us more things to do a simple riddle quest with a simple reward at the end will help you develop deep content. We don't need much of a reward a single item like a sail or even just a recolor of a existing item or even a title.

    As for the Shark encounter I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the mechanics where fun and chaotic. Chaotic encounters are always the most fun since you never know which way its going to go. The only issue I had with this is the summoning part. Having to carry the song from Merrick to the summoning location is fine the first time you do it, but really annoying after that. I really hope you reward us with the shanty in the future. Finding another crew to help summon it was not difficult on launch day but I could see this as being difficult in the future.

    This last thing I'd say is that the encounter is a blast, well done. I just hope you give us reasons to go back and do it again and again. My suggestion on this would be if you intent to add more Athena's ranks please add a new type of voyage which requires you to complete a task. Like defeat the Kraken, Kill the Shark, or complete a skeleton fort. This way people will continue to do these things in the future. The last thing you want is to make your content irrelevant.

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    the new threat is a problem for me because I play only my friends we are two on a sloop but we can not find other players to make the new threat it would be appreciated to have monsters for people who plays in solo or in coop because even the Kraken is not available for the sloop it is very difficult to find players in this vast world and in addition who want to do the same activities as you it would be appreciated to have a general chat

    in addition this comment this would be appreciated to have boats for 3 players and I do not speak of a galleon because the ship is much too big to maneuver for 3 people

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    Hello my name is Cody, I was having a question about the Megalodon and summoning it. Your not spoiling anything for me I’ve completed the campaign to it and defeated the Megalodon but my question is do you have to carry the shanty tune from merrick all the way to T26. I’m just wondering if that’s the correct way because we couldn’t summon the beast from sitting at T26 we had to carry the tune to it.

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    I really enjoyed the questline and fighting Meg but I'm wondering why we would want to fight it more than once?

    If the Meg is going to be out in the world like the Kraken and is as hard to defeat as a Skelly Fort than surely it needs a monetary reward comparable to the Skelly fort yes?
    Give us 10,000 gp of RNG treasure that we can choose to split or fight over at the end of the fight. It can all be from Meg eating other ships.

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    Its was fun but short lived and sadly has close to 0 replay value. Once the shark becomes a regular addition to the game it will be a lot better. Good work on the top sails, speaking trumpet, and drums though.

    Also thanks for the new cosmetics they are always welcome.

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    With some time to reflect I'll be writing my experience in.

    Main Suggestion:

    I know you didn't have much time to make content, but dropping it all the first week really took away the magic and I really don't know what you can do for the next few months till the next major patch. You should space out the major feature additions and make the story a bit more long-term and vary the way the boss is presented.


    Week 1: Shark Swarms, that weekend the Meg appears and is un-killable and is swimming around your boat from afar. If a cannon/gun goes off it goes underwater (despawns).

    Week 2: Merrick Appears and you do the journal thing to get to his ship to get the Speaking Trumpet...the game is now different for that week for everyone because they can chat and that's fun by itself.

    Week 3: Merrick finally is willing to give you the Drum and hear the dreaded tune that ended his boat...you go to the boat and get tune to summon him and fight it to the death like the existing event but without the journal lead up that took barely 20 minutes.

    Week 4: Normal Weekly Events but with full Meg spawning around like Kraken.

    Cosmetics and other items could unlock throughout this experience in a similar way but spread out.

    In this scenario I log in each week and screw around with each feature a few hours. In the one presented I spent 3 hours and used up all the features quickly in the event and didn't feel motivated to continue after because I know there is nothing left till the next major update. I'll probably come back for Forsaken Sails, the first weekly event is of no interest to me as it has been described.


    Best time I've had in the game so far.

    • Meg was great, although we found out the blunderbuss exploit mid-fight and it quickly became a joke and then we won with little tension, the fun with crews was a blast on the lead-up and cooperating for the first time was awesome. Sadly, The Blunderbuss should not interrupt the Meg from attacking...it's WAY too easy from then on to never take damage (one dude waiting for the meg and just shooting) and the tension drops out completely from the fight. It REALLY ruined the event at the end. It was still a big laugh but challenge needs to be there if you want a boss to inspire anyone to action or fear. Even on reintroduction I imagine the Meg will feel like the current Kraken does...a nuisance and not a threat or interesting plot point in a fight. It needs buffed or it's going to fade into as boring a feature as the Kraken currently is.

    • Speaking Trumpet was the best addition and will probably feel fun the longest of all the additions in this update. Love it. Love the range (not too far and not too short) and the filter was a funny way to give it some flavor.

    • The Drum is cool...just another instrument though...so it's not going to really do much for the game in it's current problem...the whistling does help it's case though as it's rather humorous to whistle when things get awkward or you have something to hide.

    The WHOLE QUEST only lasted 3 hours max

    • I've also struggled to go back in and even try the Meg again after the first day. Those left who haven't done it are being preyed upon by those who have who sit at Shark Bait and grief.

    • It was also SUPER boring to do the quest and it didn't even introduce the features in any real way...it was just time between journals where you'll screw around with the new toy...the quest itself had nothing to do with it.

    • The Quest needed more going on. You have skeletons spawning and other content...maybe Merrick's cave was b***y-trapped. Maybe the water around the Shark Statue and his old ship were covered by shark swarms...anything to make it less about just going to A reading, going to B reading, going to C reading.

    • If you have one npc it's going to get camped by those who did it first to grief when there isn't much else to do, especially with no reason to do it again. Later players got punished...hard.

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    @gareeet why didn't you go with em

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    @jeannieofthesea That’s how I felt, especially since there is no significant contribution to content in the long run, like no new faction to play for later on.

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    The little quest with the clues to follow from the journals and bar maids was fun, though the clue about the "rock shaped like his enemy" was not very good. Without looking it up online, finding the last journal could be tricky.

    My 2 biggest annoyances, though, are:

    1. Having to carry the song from Merrick out to T26 every time is frustrating. You should be able to just learn the shanty and play it whenever you want.

    2. Requiring us to have 5 people to summon the Megaladon is frustrating. I understand you want to foster cooperation between crews and there have been many cool instances of that.

    However, tonight is only the 3rd night since the content launched and myself and 3 friends spent 2 and a half hours sailing around trying to get the one other person we needed to summon the shark.

    All 4 of us had completed the rest of the quest up through getting our drums. We planned to get together this evening and fight the Megaladon. We were all super excited! But we sail to Shark Bait Cove and no one is there.

    Wait a few minutes and no one comes.

    We get the tune and sail to T26. No one there.

    We see a couple galleons in the distance, so we sail towards them. We hail them with the speaking trumpet, but get no answer. One galleon fires on us and the other flees.

    We see a couple of sloops. We sail near them and hail them with the speaking trumpet. No one answers and they run away. I mean, on the one hand, who can blame a sloop for running from a galleon. And they were probably all in XBox Party Chat and couldn't hear us anyway. But still, super frustrating.

    We sail back to Sharkbait Cove and wait a few more minutes. No ships come by.

    So my friends and I wasted our entire free evening of gaming (it's a weeknight, so myself and 2 others didn't have much time and couldn't stay up late) trying to get the 5th person we need to engage in the final bit of content and failing. It was super frustrating and felt like a waste of our time. After this experience, I'm not even sure how much I want to risk wasting another night trying again. And as every day passes, it's going to get harder and harder to find anyone who hasn't already done the Meg fight or who is willing to listen to other ships and help them summon it.

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    We just spent 2 hours ourselves trying to find a 5th for the quest with no luck. The only thing we did for 2 hours was server hop, sail to Merrick's Island and wait, killing an occasional skeleton for no kill count gold, or experience. Really, REALLY a boring waste of time tonight. We all started falling asleep at the game, so we finally just gave up.

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    Speaking trumpet is great it should have a more range though
    Not a fan of the last gen style dialogue boxes
    The best thing about the campaign by far was not the unoriginal quest or a boss fight but that rare required a 5th
    This forced players to seek out others in the game to trust each other (temporarily lol) and work together
    The game is about encounters with other players RARE and raid like events not quests reminiscent of the first Fable - ancient compared to current game development standards
    Add a few more different kinds of raids, a few more kinds reoccurring bosses to deal with and a lot more reasons to bring ships into encounters with each other and the fan base will grow quickly
    Oh but the one thing everybody wants is def
    MORE SHIPS!!!!

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    I was really hoping for an angry parrot on black sand atoll. There are macaws flying overhead. Even if I couldn't fight the parrot, perhaps a unlocked eye patch?

    And perhaps a tattoo npc in a hut on an island, thieves haven seems fitting. When you interact, there's an interface where you select a body region and select a tattoo to go there.
    Way more customizable and unique over the 'sets'. You could slowly cover yourself with tattoos how you wanted or to show off achievements.

    Bonus would be able to recolor, resize, overlap, slide (within the selected body part).

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    Giving a teaser trailer for hungering deep which was just an hour a gameplay was a joke. Take away the timed event it’s just a big shark. I hope they they try to promote hungering deep at e3 because I’m curious on how they will even present this as a dlc.

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    Ahoy pirates,
    I’ll give you my feedback on the DLC.

    On Tuesday evening (I’m from Italy) I and my friend went for the quest, super excited of obtaining new object, new instrument and the trumpet. We sailed to Shark Bait and found 3 or 4 different crews who were going to talk to Merrick. Wow! So coop, so many people as we hadn’t seen in times. Ok, we went through the whole quest in 2 hours and the only thing left was the Meg summoning and killing. And now start the troubles: NO MORE CREWS DOING THE QUEST.

    It’s two days we are trying to find someone, but we cannot even find a ship in the whole map. It seems that servers are totally empty, or maybe there are tons of server available for a normal number of playing people so the “player density” is low, I don’t know.
    More, the fact that you can’t choose the server makes very difficult, if not impossible, to get in a server with other crews playing or to organise a game with another people, like the one on discord server, to create a fleet which is needed to complete the quest.

    This is a major handicap for a game which make of cooperation one of his main feature, also because the few people you meet online usually don’t answer to vocal chat. A coop game cannot be based on a totally random matchmaking!

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    @mimmu90 I hear you. Same country, same problems here.
    Not being able to team up with other crews and join sessions together is a real issue for this quest.

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    Not sure if it has been mentioned or not, so will mention it here. If all fails on meg e.g everyone sinks/dies, sail back, she could still be there.

    We did meg last night, us a two-man sloop plus a full galley. Galley must have been understocked as after about 4/5/6 hits on it...they sank or scuttled, leaving us two getting slapped about by meg. Finally the boat sank and we both died. We sailed back, thankfully spawning semi close, and meg was still there. And, managed to kill her. So, if all fails....sail back, you might be in luck.

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    I have now been on several times, trying to get the quest done. I did encounter one other boat that wanted to do the quest, unfortunately, the crew I was with was on a Legendary quest and didn't want to do the shark. Every other encounter so far has been with griefers. I tried to help my friends find all of the books so they could at least get the tattoo and drum, but we were constantly attacked trying to find the underwater cave. One friend quit after the first time we were sunk.

    Never once did anyone try to help us, and then when we finally got it, we went to talk to the NPC, and hung out there for quite some time. No other ships came around trying to even do the quest.

    So just days after the start, almost no opportunity to do the quest, but constantly attacked instead.

    I do have some ideas though:

    1. create an option called "questing mode" that players can put themselves in. Any loot that is acquired while in this mode is only worth half the amount, but it also makes you and your boat harder to hurt by other players. And the protection is only at the quest areas.

    2. Put some sort of negative effect on people that fight around quest areas. If you hurt another player or sink a ship at a quest location, then you can't earn any money for a period of time. Basically say, "sure, be a p***k, but then no gold for you."

    I will say this again, Content Denial will cost you players. Getting ganked in this game is not fun when you are trying to accomplish something else. It isn't. I've had plenty of times my friends quit the night p****d off because we got griefed just trying to do the normal content. Maybe you should really think about a PvE only server?

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    @happyalbe ha detto in [Mega Thread] The Hungering Deep:

    @mimmu90 I hear you. Same country, same problems here.
    Not being able to team up with other crews and join sessions together is a real issue for this quest.

    The random server matching, not intended as intra-crew matching but entering a server with any other crew, is totally bad for this kind of quest. I and a friend tried another time to do the quest today, but it resulted in a quick quit of game because simply there was no one at the sea. If it is required to be at least 5 to summon Meg, why not include some feature to create a fleet because coop cannot be based on a random wander looking for other people in a server that can be totally empty.

    Please give us something to know how many people or boat are in the server when we play, only that would be sufficient.

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    1. I didn't have issues with the NPC being in the same place for everyone, but it could be a problem if people camp it.

    2. The riddle story line was a fun little thing where you had to think a little, didn't take long and there was not much to it, but it was fine.

    3. Megladon fight I think was fine, its pretty predictable and not really challenging if you have enough resources with you, you just out repair it and then its just the same over and over.
      I don't know how it will work once it will be in the open world, but hopefully better.
      At least its better than the current state of the useless kraken you never EVER see and if you do there is ZERO point to it and you just sail away because its not even close to being any danger to the ship.

    4. cosmetic rewards for the story, its a little lacking but okay i guess.

    5. new cosmetics added, its a bit cheap because we all know it was already something you had before release and choose not to include into a very lacking content game, so I do feel like that is not enough and you really really need to up your game when it comes to something to use gold on.
      I have nothing currently in the game I really want, so why would I play if there is nothing I need?

    6. 14 days is way way to long for this event, since you don't gain anything from doing it again so now there is nothing new to do in the game til it releases into the world and you actually gain some gold from killing the boss.