Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Removal - May 22nd

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    Another update:

    The new sovereign items are in as of today and they are missing the figurehead/cutlas... the same way the other item sets will soon be missing them.

    BUT AT LEAST we got a fighting chance to buy the sovereign items before they left the store in case we actually wanted them

    Right? Right...?

    Wrong. Now we will forever have incomplete sets of items in the game, even if, like me, we spent the last week since the announcement working very hard to grind the gold needed to purchase these items...

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    @ellundel-psn I agree I would rather have different color variations of the same item but the FULL set rather than removing items or not releasing them cause of indifference :'(
    I mean people do not have to buy them if they do not want them but removing or not even releasing them is the wrong answer to it :(

    I just hope I can grind the 380k I still need :'( was stupid enough to buy clothes out of my 100k and now I am poor and need the money XD

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    @shikia-caeleaum Exactly, that's what I don't understand. Don't like it? Don't buy it! Simple. But removing the items..? With no word that you're going to be replacing / reworking them? Madness!

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    @ellundel-psn said in Sea of Thieves Cosmetics Removal - May 22nd:

    @shikia-caeleaum Exactly, that's what I don't understand. Don't like it? Don't buy it! Simple. But removing the items..? With no word that you're going to be replacing / reworking them? Madness!

    Really got nothing better to do than b***h about cosmetics. Sad

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    @capt-ladyladdie Yeah? Then why are you here? Spreading your negativity on the forum like a plague? Some of us actually care about the progress of this game and don't want to see the dev's making knee-jerk decisions based on some community feedback.

    If you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, then simply stay silent. Thanks.

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    @ellundel-psn yeah I think Rare is not too sure about handling negative statements about cosmetics...I mean yes they are the same....but since the coloring/dying will not be here anytime soon (otherwise why remove the items, or not having a second window where you choose the texture and after that the color scemes) they do not know how to cope with it properly...
    I mean just saying "yes we received you criticism and we are working on NEW items but still be giving you color variations until the next big patch please be patient"
    almost everyone would be fine with it but nooo.....I just hope Rare will not remove them but rather just give us a discount for them...most people are mad they cost the same or are even more expensive than the good looking ones :P ;)

    @Capt-LadyLaddie whine around people whining around so... whats the point? :D

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    @shikia-caeleaum Other games have colour palette swaps and have also had the same backlash. Someone here mentioned Fortnite already which was a good example. Another one is League Of Legends. When the Chroma's for League skins originally came out, they were not very popular. It was very simple recolours. "This character who is all THIS colour is now entirely THAT colour." etc etc. People didn't really buy into it because it was dull and lazy. But Chromas have become increasingly popular over because more effort from Riot has gone into their designs. Colour swaps aren't necessarily a bad thing; but when they're done in an extreme minimal fashion it naturally receives negative feedback.

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    Lol. It sucks they are removing them instead of just changing policy. But I have to laugh. Rare reads comments complaining about the items they added. And people saying "why would I spend x amount on something that you can barely tell the difference between. So what do they do. Make it so everyone buys those items. Lol. Now there's a mad rush for the items that lots of people complained about.

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    Might want to look at the Admiral and Grand Admiral Blunderbuss. While they look distinct enough in the thumbnail, try actually holding both.

    One is supposed to be blue and silver and the other black and gold. They look exactly the same in-game. Had half my crew laughing as I tried to convince them they were different.

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    Might have to do with how they're carbon copies of the ones locked behind the rank requirement.