announcement of road map and cursed sails

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    I watched the update and video on you tube about what is to come on the road map .

    It will be interesting to find out what the cursed sails are about ?
    Worries me a bit as most of the times I feel my sail are cursed anyway as the wind is always against us in game .lol

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    I am of the opinion that the Cursed Sails update will include the addition of a Flying Dutchman-like ghost ship that will appear in a way similar to the Kraken at this time. They did, after all, say that it was an addition of another AI threat to the world in addition to other things. Perhaps that is where the Cursed Chest and Cursed Cannonballs the devs mentioned will come into play.

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    The cursed sails should be for ships of those that “love this game” so we can identitfy easily and sink their ships.

    Joke aside.

    I’m ready to grow further with this game as it developes into something even more wonderful.

    Have you considered making the Sea tidal @Rare-Employee so islands sometimes have beaches or not and even perhaps disappear altogether?

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    Rare employee tag doesn't work m8.
    Was disabled due to being abused & over used!

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    @logansdadtoo Are you really my dad???