THE GRAND ODYSSEY | In-Game Treasure Hunt & Prize | April 14th 2018

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    @m3m3nto-memes said in THE GRAND ODYSSEY | In-Game Treasure Hunt & Prize | April 14th 2018:

    @k00pa The event will go on until there is a clear winner, but we expect it to last multiple hours. The "Duke's treasure haul" will be a lot more than a fort. It will be given to the winning crew after they complete all 13 tasks by inviting them to our crew (Prod1gyX Method)

    I still don't understand how you can invite another 4 members to your crew and reward those winners?...
    Is it possible to explain?

    Love the idea of the contest tho.

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    Have a four man crew (first crew) and let one person drop out so that one person of the winning crew can join up.
    Once the person from the winning crew is in, the other three people of the first crew will back out to create room for the remaining people of the winning crew.

    The first crew basically hands over their ship and loot to the winning crew.

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    Thats makes total sense lol
    Nicely explained.

    Would love to help you organise one of these events again some time.
    All about the Community.

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    This was a brilliant idea! Wish I could've participated :( Hope everyone had fun. I love the community of this game. Even when I'm getting a lesson in sea warfare, I'm still having fun :).

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    Cheers to Fortune and Crew of Thieves for the event! Well done, fellas. AOD will explore options for events to help out and engage the community as well. This is good for the game. We salute you.