Where are pets ???

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    Can someone know why there arent any pets in a full game ? I was told that rare will add pets as a micro transactions on the relase

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    That's probably not going to be added for a while. You CAN capture animals on the islands, but they are only sold at merchants. Or, if you role play, you could always keep a pig or chicken caged on your ship as a "pet". But that's about as far as your going to get with it.

    It took a while for Kevin and Bacon to warm up to our crew, but they did eventually...

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    @fgfoot They plan to add micro-transactions (Such as pets), after about a month of the games launch. So we'll have to wait and see when that is, since they're still fine tuning to fix issues in the game I think they may have to put it off

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    @fgfoot They’re being rushed through Microsoft’s master plan from SoT, the game shouldn’t even be released yet if not teamed with MS, the game was rushed...