!VOTE! for post-launch content [POLL RESULTS]

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              POLLING CLOSED, RESULTS BELOW!             



    Respond below with the letters (A, B, Z, etc) of your vote, and I will update the graphic.

    Thank you to all who participated! It has been a full month now since I started this poll, and the participation has been extraordinary. Over 5,794 Legitimate Voters! And countless others who voted incorrectly or wanted ALL THE ABOVE (Believe me I do too)

    This thread was succesful beyond my wildest hopes (I remember wondering if I could get to 500 voters, little did I expect to cross 5,000! ) It even seems to have influenced RARE in their upcoming Content Road Map! Our voice was heard, and I am really grateful to all of you.


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    M, P, W.

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    @shoothere4exp H, H, H

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    @ShootHere4EXP B, G, Q

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    BLM, and most of the rest lol

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    @shoothere4exp G, H, I, M, S, T, W

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    A, D , L but the game needs everything of that list

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    CNW - for a game all about customisation, there's barely anything to work towards. The lvl 50 company items are hardly worth if they're just a change in colour

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    @shoothere4exp B , O , X

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    M, W, P ....

  • 3

    C,P,Q ......

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    H, J, U
    (filler to satisfy dumb forum requirement)

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    !VOTE! E G P

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    A, E, F with P/S coming in very close to my top 3.

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    @shoothere4exp FLP

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    G - T - L
    But, all of the above as a collective sounds great!

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    S, B, H .......

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    B is desperately needed. Or just allowing a 4 player sloop as hinted in the AMA on reddit.

    P would also be nice.

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    E, O, U and fast.

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    B, G, M but I hope to see everything on this list added eventually. I really hope Rare gets over the no NPC ship thing. It's holding the game back.

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    B C U though more wildlife is a close follow up

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    If I can only pick 3

    Additional nice to haves
    D, G, H, R

    Reasoning for top 3.
    E - Game could use some more means to attack\defend your self from NPC and other players. Would bring strategy to the combat rather than hack and slash and luck.

    F - More Quest Types means deeper game. Keep the interest high and less repetitiveness.

    O - Factions can do many things. You can team up if you are on the same server. Defend each other when a fellow ship is being attacked. Work together on Forts. Reduce PVP frustrations by having potentially less enemies on your server.

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    O , P , L

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    It is really hard to choose because for me at this price the game should have really more stuff, especially for customization.

    So for me : C N and Q should have been here at launch.

    A little bit of precision about Q : I don't really want to custom the body, but I want to be able to put and change make up, tatoos hair and hair colors.

    Now What I really want is :
    G , K , R

    G : Mermaids on mermaid's hideway, a lot of sea creature on the high seas for pirates to enjoy their voyages, turtles who go from one island to another one, laying on the beach but when you go under the water you can see them.... j*******h who can poison us, little glowing creatures .. ( i don't really want a monstrous creature for now) just life and diversity for our voyage.

    K : exactly as the above, more diversity on island for us to be on an incredible adventure, monkeys ... Snakes add really something but there is too much of them, because there is no diversity.

    And R : More like useful items and potions than spells : I want some items to protect pirates from the song of mermaids, potions for poison, and other states cause by snake and creatures... Maybe mermaid potion where you become a mermaid and can go underwater and go to the mermaid city or kraken's cave... or some old city ...

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    F, I. S.

  • 3

    H, M, U.

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    M, B, D

    This was particularly difficult to get just 3. So much good stuff on there!

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    @shoothere4exp B, M, S

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    B, O, U

    I feel these three will create deeper and more intricate relationship between crews other than "Shoot first, talk later!"

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    @shoothere4exp B, P, U

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    F, L, S

    With quest types I like to see quest chains added.

    I think it would be cool if you could spot a random NPC stranded on an island holding a chest. You and your crew could kill him and take his chest that's worth maybe a few hundred gold...or you could rescue him and take him to whichever outpost he wishes to be dropped off at.

    As reward he mat give you (and your crew) 100 gold, but he also asks you to rescue his friend who is still being held by (NPC) pirates that you have to case down...this is the first voyage in a chain...

    After you rescue the sailor from the pirates and take him back to the same outpost as his buddy, they inform you of key on an island that unlocks a treasure, but he isn't very trusting and says he will show you where the key is rather than tell you, also the island is inhabited by hostile natives So you and your crew have to escort and protect this sailor while he retrived the key...this is the second quest...

    After returning with the key to the outpost, they tell you where the treasure is; on another island. The key opens up a door that's hidden in a cave. This door essentially leads into a mini raid filled with skeletons with a large treasure trove at the end that would be worth over 10k gold.

    This quest chain is found at by chance, it isn't tied to some main story line. Any quest in this chain could be failed and that would be it, no second chances.

    These are the kinds of encounters I hope they add to the game.

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    B, D, E.

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    U, W, B.