Signed Copies of the 'Tales of Sea of Thieves' book now available on our store!

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    nope just the book on 12th Jan
    status still shows
    Status : Pre-Order - Awaiting Dispatch (13:39 22/1/18)

    Checked and payment was taken on 12th Jan, so not a payment issue.
    (have sent a message from the store now, so hopefully will get resolved soon)

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    @khaleesibot sadly, your store - managed by an independent company - seems to have several issues with its warehouse, and in my experience lacks even a decent customer support. Wrong dates, wrong estimations of availability, wrong items sent, promises of refunds that never happen and no replies...
    This is certainly not what I was expecting by following a link officially endorsed by Rare. A real disappointment.

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    Got a reply from store (in case any one else has same issue)

    "We are so sorry for the delay you've had, as you're aware there were a few issues concerning the game upon release and this set back Rare a few days with signing the books. We have now received our initial shipment and will have all orders dispatched over the course of the next few days."

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    @rikon-gb mine, received thirty minutes ago, says:

    "Things got a little hectic this end last week and the team got a little behind with the book signing.  The team are ploughing their way through and the books will be ready for shipping by the end of this week."

    As if one had to sign the books at the last minute...

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    My preorder (pack with the signed book and the tee shirt) was sent yesterday, finally... But clearly, the customer service of the "rare shop" is pretty bad, i was excepting something better for the official shop. I got only 1 answer after like 5 mails to the customer service since 1 month.

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    this is the second time this post has tricked me into believing they restocked the signed Tales from the Sea of Thieves books in the shop...