A Place to tell us about yer Discord Group Mk II

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    Zapraszam na discorda borsuków do wspólnego grania w piratów

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    [PC] [NA/EU Yo ho, yo ho, it's a pirates life for us! The space docks are open at the [https://discord.gg/8dE82Ax](Orbital Space Lounge) and refreshments are available at the open bar. All voyagers are welcome. Come join us to run Fort of the Damned, Athena Voyages, and Thieves haven runs. Hope to see you soon!

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    Ahoy! This is Grandpotato2972, Fleet Admiral of the newly formed United States Constitutional Navy. We are looking for new members, regardless of skill level. We hope to create a player environment for those who either do not want to Open Crew (We hear you) or are looking for a crew to set sail with on an almost daily basis. If you are a beginner, we will provide basic in-game training as well as the SOT Constitutional Navy Sailor’s Handbook filled with tips and tricks. We hope to do in-game server takeovers, Adventure mode large scale battles, complete with ship roles that other Discord servers don’t have- like Cargo Delivery and Scouting. Plus, we set sail on a daily basis, with longer sessions and voyages on the weekends. Our ranking system is both historically accurate to the Constitutional Navy and fair to both veteran players and beginners alike. In addition, our ships and uniforms are both historically accurate and match up with that of the British Royal Navy Discord Groups uniforms and liveries in terms of time period. So what are you waiting for? Defend the fledgling 13 colonies and the Sea of Thieves against taxation, anarchy, and British domination. Steadfast and Fight!

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    Hey there!

    One of my favourite parts of Sea of Thieves is the amazing community and the music that we can play together, I love being with a group of people and playing music with everyone contributing to the song, it's so lovely. Therefore I want to create a group who focus on casual exploration, fun times, chill times while progressing in the game but also throwing in some awesome music sessions in the mix.

    With a focus on creating music together, relaxed exploration and voyages and helping new people, I think this is a great time to look for other people who are looking for the same, so if you are up for some relaxed adventures, voyages and willing to play music with us on our adventures, then join us! As long as you are kind, understanding, mature and willing to help people out then you will find a home here and be sure to bring your instrument of choice!

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    Ahoy Pirates!

    Come join the Legends of the Seas Discord community!

    We're a chill & mature group of pirates that enjoy sailing together! We accept all pirates, from Swabbies to Legends, either on Xbox or PC.

    Discord Link: discord.gg/legendsoftheseas

    Hope to see you on the seas with us!!

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    Hello and welcome to the Cult of Gaming. Yes you read correctly, a Cult. Not a clan. Not a community. Unlike any other group you have ever joined. You see friend, that here at the Cult we are all like one big family where there honestly is very little difference between a member and a leader.

    What do we have to offer?

    • Casual players from all time zones who just want to shoot cannonballs and drink all the grog!
    • Great team players who understand the game and can help you with your gameplay
    • Weekly events
    • Streamers

    We are a Gaming Cult, which works on improving a close tight circle between a leader and a member. In the Cult no one is too weak, no one is too bad at a game, no one is excluded. We include any and all. No one is unworthy, and we are not a power hungry Cult, your opinion will be listened to and heard. So if this sounds like something you wish to try, and you are of the age of maturity(16+) then join up. We are waiting for you. We are all important cogs in the machine of Cult of Gaming.

    Come check out our website at: https://www.cultofgaming.com/ and join our discord today from it! See you on the seas soon

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    Have you ever wondered if such a thing as Vampirates existed in the Sea of Thieves? Well, maybe you should come to find out!

    The Assassins of the Moon are looking for new blood and allies alike in our lovely new home. We'll offer you only the best experience ever with wargames, server takeovers, and the best immersive profound lore. Also, for members, we are fully organized with anti-nuke protection, in-server progression, and multiple voice channels. For allies, we offer a very comfortable, stress-free minimalist experience.

    Join the darkness today! We dare you!

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    This post is deleted!
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    @capt-sirloin hi captain. May i join the discord group?

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    För alla er som letar efter svenskar att spela med så kan jag starkt rekommendera er att gå med i Sea Of Thieves Sverige discord. Där finns det gott om glada spelsugna pirater och nästintill varje helg anordnar vi Event med flera båtar på samma server.

    Vi finns även på Twitter, Facebook och Instagram.

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/SeaofThievesSverige/
    Twitter https://twitter.com/SeaSverige
    Instagram https://instagram.com/seaofthievessverige?igshid=4v791hzf090o
    Länk till Discorden : https://discord.gg/aQ3w6MN

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    La mayor comunidad hispanohablante de Sea of Thieves!

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    Salut à toi pirate !

    Ayant un équipage d'ami pas fiable ! je recherche à créer un panel de joueur FRANCAIS OU FRANCOPHONE assez large pour prendre le vent faire des quêtes, chasser les trésors et autres folies !

    Hesite pas à poser ta candidature ! Un micro est requis pour faire partie de l'équipage ! Echange Via Discord! Tout niveaux acceptés !

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    Ello and ahoy to all!

    The St0nks Pirates are looking for brand new recruits to join our ranks. We've participated in events with Race of Legends and do other fun stuff such as server alliances and will be joining other fun events throughout the Sea of Thieves. Our Discord also plays a variety of games, as well, such as Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

    We're currently looking for streamers, other server alliance Discord, and any artists that would like to partner with us. Also in search of mods and admins if anyone is interested.

    Our server runs 24/7 and can provide needed support to anyone who needs crewmates. We're also very LGBTQIA+ inclusive and welcome anyone, regardless of age, race, or background to join.