So now we have another problem...Rare?

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    So now I keep getting hazelnutbeard my time of 2 years playing SoT, I have never had a connection issue. I've even had the same internet connection for that time, so idk dude. Seems like I'm being poked with a stick, its happened while in pursuit of other players, while on athena all the time now.

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    It simply "Appears to be a connection issue to the game servers." as the description says.
    Could be simple server itself needs a reboot. What the cause could be anything.

    Not a big deal, everyone has or gets erros. Maybe it just that time of the day where the strange tides happen.

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    @oldmanindigo if you're still running into the Hazelnut Beard error. Please use the following troubleshooting instructions.

    Solution 1 - Reset Sea of Thieves

    1. Press the Windows Key
    2. Type in Apps and Features
    3. Find Sea of Thieves on the list
    4. Select Advanced Options
    5. Select Reset

    Solution 2 - Confirm your systems time and date are correct

    1. Right click the clock on your start menu
      Select Adjust date/time.
    2. Untick then retick Set time zone automatically. (If this is already set to automatic then toggle it back to manual and then to automatic once more)
      Reboot your PC

    Solution 3 - Check for Windows Updates

    1. Press the Windows Key
    2. Type Update
    3. Select Check for Updates
    4. If there are any updates available, download and apply them.
    5. Reboot your PC and then attempt to load back in to Sea of Thieves

    Solution 4 - IP Helper

    1. Press windows key and search for services, open it.
    2. Locate IP Helper in the list and check if it is running - if not, this is the issue.
    3. Right click IP Helper and go to properties, then dependencies tab.
    4. Look for each of these dependencies in the previous services list and check each one is running and set to automatic startup type. You can check this by right clicking the service and select properties. Whilst on this page there is a startup dropdown. Make sure it is set to automatic. (Most common service that is not running is the "WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery service")
      Once you find the service that is not running, right click it and press start. If start is greyed out and you cannot restart the process then continue to the next step. 5. If you can start the process, do so - restart your computer and check IP Helper is now running, you should be done.

    If none of these help, you might need to consider raising a ticket through their Support Site.

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    @oldmanindigo You title suggests you have had multiple problems with the game including this one. The only other thing you have posted is about being attacked by skeleton ships without you engaging them first. As you learned in that thread, it was not a problem, just a misunderstanding on your part of how the game works. Try not to catastrophize. You say you have not had any connection issues over two years. That sounds like a pretty good track record. Look through the suggestions given in this thread to fix any issues on your side.

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    Solutions were given above but I will add one more...

    Go to Windows 10 settings - Gaming - Xbox Networking and see how your connection to the Xbox Live servers is behaving. If you have issues (such as Toredo not qualifying or Strict NAT) then click "fix it" and run the test again. If you're still getting issues, you might need to do some settings on your router or contact your ISP, as something may have changed.

    in my time of 2 years playing SoT, I have never had a connection issue

    And, yet, things change... that's how the Universe works