DR vaults broken

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    Hi, just reporting this rather serious bug.
    Did a new DR vault voyage, finished it, opened the vault.
    My crew died in there taking the piles of gold, i ran out (with an ashen castaway chest xD)
    Got killed by skelly/geiser combo lol, so were all dead.
    We come back, only to find the wall has closed up again and we cant get to our treasure which we obviously put outside the vault.
    It was the ashen reaches vault, hope you fix this, it was alot of time/loot lost.

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    How did u open the vault in the DR
    Or was this on insiders

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    @zaate From the latest Patch Notes:

    The Devil’s Roar Treasure Vaults

    Expanding the range of Voyages introduced in the Vaults of the Ancients update, the Gold Hoarders posted at Morrow’s Peak Outpost now offer a Treasure Vault Voyage that leads players through The Devil’s Roar.