Why do skele ships keep attacking when not engaged?

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    I have this problem so damn much I can't take it anymore. This game has become less fun now with every encounter I have with players I get attacked without fail by skele ships (mostly gallys,) when there were none in sight that randomly spawned into game (I play solo sloop.) They attack even without being engaged, why do they engage with players? Aren't they NPCs and shouldn't engage without player interaction against them? I seriously can't take it anymore, this game has become less enjoyable now (seeming I am targeted.) I am going to stop playing this game now.

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    They do come around and occasionally trigger when too close but it's not something that happens a lot

    I definitely don't wanna see it removed because it's a useful pve tactic vs pvp

    getting other ships to trigger skelly galleons is a useful tool for solo people

    You should be able to avoid most of them if they start heading in your path just stay outta their way.

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    @oldmanindigo Galleons? It sounds like you were sailing into an active skellie fleet area while you were focused on the other players. Keep an eye on the sky for the ship cloud. If you were attacking, there is the possibility they were using the fleet as a defense tactic, if you were being chased you have the ability to use the fleet to your advantage. Experienced players know how to deal with skellie ship spawns. Sometimes they can make things interesting but you can out sail them in a sloop. Don't quit, spend some time getting effective with skellie ships. Also you will learn how not to aggro random ships if that is what the problem is.

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    If you sail to close they will attack. Especially galleons.

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    I had an emergent skelly sloop randomly ram into me once and therefore engage. Very annoying.

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    Thanks I will keep a keener eye out on the seas.

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    I get your frustrations here.
    As an avid solo slooper there hasn't been a single session where my ship survived getting Rared this last 2 weeks, frankly it's getting absurd!

    I'm not complaining about anything else in the game currently, well maybe hit reg, that aside though Skelli Gally's seem outta control recently.
    They aim bot you to hell with stun lock for either you or your ship without fail.

    I've seen cannonballs literally 90 degree turn mid flight an hit me.
    Or worst of all, heaven forbid, you get a skelli ship that's cannonballs are invisible so you end up getting holes for what feels like no reason.
    I get it honest I do, I choose hard mode, it should be HARD, but come on now a little respite wouldn't go a miss here.

    Maybe have the Skelli Gally act similar to the Kraken in that it's less of a instant death sentence for each ship type due to being balanced around crew size. I dare say this is already the case so would simply ask it's looked at a little closer an tweaked if the numbers show it worthy.

    That's my addition, rant over apologies.