Can I set the sea on fire with you... please.

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    Hey guys. I have been playing Sea Of Thieves since the Beta. Ive been in and out of a number of clubs and made and lost pirate friends along the way. I eventually settled for playing exclusively with just two other guys and it's been that way for almost the entire time SOT has been out. The guys I've been playing with since the beginning have become great friends of mine and we all get along really, really well but their preference is adventure mode and seldom are we very successful in arena or do reapers bones activities in adventure together. I have found that I've had more success in arena with randoms lately so I'm beginning to believe that it's just my preference and their preference of play style is different hence the struggle we face. I'm not ditching my old faithful shipmates but I need to satisfy my blood thirst and I'm looking for a group of people who enjoy playing as the bad guys as much as I do.

    I'm 34, male, Scottish and Im on x box. Because of lockdown over here, I'm available to play most days and nights as well and time differences are not a huge issue for me at present.

    As for my PVP skills. I can hold my own, I'm not lazy on the ship either. I tend to find myself doing a lot of the duties onboard like turning the sails, raising anchor and repairing on my own or without all that much help. I'm sure there is plenty I could stand to learn from the more ferocious pvp pirates among us and I'm sure I could be doing a lot better in arena with the right crew.

    I'm not interested in joining big clubs. I am just trying to find a small, select few, who feel the same way I do who might want to put together a small, exlusive club or discord just for us and enjoy hunting instead of being hunted. I just want to set the sea on fire with ya so add me up if this sounds like you and lets grab the flammables! (I LIKE FLAMMABLES!)

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    Hey there, @En1gma-412
    Greetings from the Rogue Legends! We heard you are looking for some pirates to sail with.

    I'm sorry, it sounds like big gaming groups weren't for you. Totally understandable. If you change your mind please feel. Free to give us a try. I promise we make you feel like family.

    We have members all over the world that play at all sorts of times. We accept all regardless of experience, provided they abide by all the rules. We do require that members are 18 and over.

    I invite you to check out our fleet and become a Rogue Legend. Please visit our thread found here to learn more about us. And I'll attach an invite below.

    If you find we aren't the group for you, try the Sea of Thieves Community Discord, xbox looking for group, or joining another fleet/union (found in this section of the forum).

    Good luck & happy sailing!

    P. S. We also love fire!

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    Heya! I'd be happy to join you !